Debut for Men at 21

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A debut or coming-of-age celebration for men is not as common as those for women. At the age of 21, men usually mark this day with less formal celebrations or none at all. This does not make it any less special though.

Why 21 and not 18?

Considering that the legal age in the Philippines is 18, one might ask why the celebration of the male debut comes at 21 years. The celebration of debut in the Philippines has much to do with Spanish influence. It is of note however that 21 is considered the age of independence in several countries. It is possible that this might be the reason for the designating male debut at 21 years.

In the United States, the age of 21 signals the freedom to purchase alcohol or firearms. A deep connection to the rituals of knighthood is said to be the basis for celebrating the 21st birthday of men in the United Kingdom. Some countries see the 21st birthday of both men and women as special

How Are Male Debuts Celebrated

If female debutantes have their cotillion balls, male debutants have their equivalent in beautillion balls. Very few male debutants though look forward to such formalities. Most would choose to celebrate in other ways.

Suggestions include:

1. Organize adventure activities with friends 

2. Make it a Road Adventure 

3. Photo Session with Friends and Family

4. Sports Activities

5. Community Service 

There are no hard and fast rules in celebrating. Celebrants can be as imaginative and practical as they can be. Making it a "Me time" is another great idea.

My Say 

My son just turned 21. Many years ago, we planned to make it a special celebration by traveling. The current pandemic condition totally removed that option.

That said, we still hope to push through with this plan when circumstances permit. None the less, today is still a happy day for my son and our family. 

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