Ambos Mundos Restaurant

Our family has never encroached on other people's intellectual properties.  We respect the fruits of an individual's or a family's hard work in building a business or a trade name that will be identified with them.  In return, we expect to be accorded the same respect for the name that has been painstakingly established by our ancestors.

We have put up the Ambos Mundos Restaurant Facebook Fan Page to allow readers to monitor the developments in our bid to make a comeback.  We will greatly appreciate it if our readers can take the time to "like" us through this page to signify support for what we are fighting for.  We thank you in advance.

Maria Teresa Gaudinez-Martinez for Ambos Mundos Restaurant


We are now able to accept orders online @AmbosMundosRestaurantPH or through our mobile number 09683034729. 

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