Thirty Years Ago, Today

5:38 PM

Thirty years ago, today
It was a bright and sunny day
As one child paved the way
For motherhood to have its say

It was the fourth of January
A day not so ordinary
In fact, it was a little bit scary
But would you believe, so merry

I smiled at her every gesture

And died at her every failure
You see I was quite so sure
That damned is the one who would muddle her future

I actually had someone

Who treated me like I'm the only one
Far above than everyone
But for some time, it was gone

Each separation was like a dagger

Thrust into the heart of a mother
Who had only love for a daughter
Who in turn had her own life to discover

If the mother can only have her say

All the problems will go away
So that her daughter can come and stay
To have a friend with her everyday.

For the 30th birth anniversary of my daughter, Daphne

My Say

I've always thought that by the time my eldest daughter reached this age, I should have completely let go.  I now realize that there is no such thing.  My 30-year old daughter remains my baby no matter what and I offer no excuses for feeling this way.  I have learned to accept that this is just how mothers are.

That said,  I dedicate this poem to my daughter, Daphne and say that I will always be here for her no matter how old she gets.


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