Jollibee's Crispy Wings Hour in October

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Snack time just got a lot more interesting with the entry of Jollibee Crispy Wings.  Before anyone starts having deja vu about Chili Wings, this is an entirely different product in terms of taste and texture.  This I got to personally experience today when I was invited along with other bloggers to be part of its launching which I believe was simultaneously happening in several other branches as well.  

Mr. Kenneth Mariano,  Marketing Manager of Jollibee, along with other marketing officers, graciously answered all our questions with regards to their new product.  Mr. Mariano explained to us that the reason they they decided to come out with the Jollibee Crispy Wings is because they believe that the potentials of chicken as a food choice have not been maximized in the snack-time area.  Also, they are offering it with an entirely different flavor from that of their best-selling Chicken Joy.

Crispy Wings are marinated in a special seasoning and then fried to a delicious crisp.  The most interesting aspect of this chicken dish is the interplay of a softer inner texture and the outer crispy texture.  Adding further flavor interest is the sweet chili dip that comes with it.

Since it is primarily offered as a snack fare, the usual serving consists of two pieces of Jollibee Crispy Wings with regular fries. However, rice can also be served in lieu of the fries.  The cost is P 70 and a regular-sized softdrink comes with it for an additional P 10.  A pack of 6 costs P 170 while a 12-piece bucket costs P 340. 

There was one particular reason why we were invited to come on a Friday at about 3 in the afternoon.  For the whole month of October, Jollibee is serving free Crispy Wings to all dining customers every Fridays from 3 to 4 pm.  Aptly called Jollibee's Crispy Wings Hour, customers are treated to free sampling of the new chicken dish.  There are about 120 participating stores nationwide.

Like most festive occasions, this event has its own star-power courtesy of Channel 5 talent Rodjun Cruz and Jollibee himself.  Rodjun danced at the beginning and again towards the end with Jollibee, along with Jollibee crew members who I seriously thought were  professional back-up dancers because of their dancing which were so in sync with the two main stars.  It was quite pleasing to see how Rodjun freely interacted with excited fans, having no air whatsoever in spite of his obvious popularity.

Not to be outdone is Jollibee whose unexpected presence created so much buzz that we had to stop our interview with Mr. Mariano because we just had to have our pictures taken with the famous mascot.  I'm sure Mr. Mariano understands fully well how Jollibee creates so much excitement even among those who are not exactly young like us.  And so we got our photo wish and had a bucket of Crispy Wings to bring home to our family as well for the ultimate taste test.

My Say

In a family like us which has young children, their approval always matters when it comes to food.  It is not as if we can go our separate ways when we want to eat out.  We as parents usually have to give in to their preference or else end up with disgruntled youngsters who definitely are not fun to be with on a family's day out.

As food stores like Jollibee continue to provide more choices, they end up actually catering to the taste of every member of the family.  This makes it a lot easier for a family to decide where to eat.  Jollibee has long been an automatic choice for children and adults are fast discovering that they too can go for such choice.  As I watched my children eat the Jollibee Crispy Wings I brought home, I am pretty sure of what they are going to order the next time we eat out.

That said, I think customers can benefit from more food choices so to Jollibee and the rest, keep it coming!


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