Friendly Competition Between Siblings

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Competition between siblings almost always have a negative connotation.  Visions of fights, spats, and strategical movements to come out ahead easily come to mind.  However, there is such a thing as friendly competition between siblings that does not seek to pull down each other but rather seek to bring out the best in each.

Training in Progress

My children's school holds their yearly intramural and cheering competition by dividing grade school students into three groups comprised of the red, the blue, and the yellow teams.  Every team will be made up of students from the the grade 1 level up to the grade six level to ensure a more or less balanced composition in strength and capabilities.  For the second year in a row since my two children found themselves together in the grade school department, my son belonged to the red team while my daughter belonged to the blue team.

Since they belong to two different teams, it can be quite confusing hearing them practice their cheers at home.  Each one would try to be louder than the other with my daughter trying to outdo her Kuya with her choreography.  My son would usually just continue with his more subdued movements and would laughingly allow my daughter to prevail.

Unity in Competition

On competition day, they will be dressed as opponents as signified by their colors.  They will go to school ready to fight it out as best as they can to contribute to their respective groups.  For an hour or so while performing, they will cease to be siblings but just be part of a group which they represent.

Once the winners are announced and the identifying colors stripped from their wrists, they become siblings once again, accepting defeat gracefully and cheering for the victory of the other.  They have given their best and fought well and they are as good friends as ever.

My Say

I like observing my children when they are pitted against each other in a friendly competition.  The situation I see them in gives me a clue as to what could possibly happen in real life.  My youngest daughter is still understandably a little self-centered, demanding at times to be given favor because she is the youngest which my son would usually accede to.  My daughter has her shining moments though when she acts like a mother to her brother by fixing his things, his clothes, and his projects given her ability in crafts.

That said, I am praying that they will be able to develop a stronger relationship as they grow older.  I am hoping that their different views in the future would not destroy their sibling relationship.  I am looking forward to more opportunities for them to unite in spite of differences for I know there will be many such occurrences in their adult life.    So let the friendly competition between siblings begin!

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