Christmas and the Family

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Christmas is primarily about the birth of Jesus but in human context, we can say that Christmas is mainly about family.  It is a time when family members who are away go to great lengths to be back home.  It is a time when anxiety and worries are temporarily set aside to welcome the joy that the season brings.

Inner Yearnings

Do you know that many people suffer extreme anxiety during the Christmas season?  Aside from the usual causes brought about by expenses, the feeling of being away from family becomes even more pronounced during this time.  The pent-up feelings of separation, whether by choice or by force can be very difficult to face, especially when everybody else are with their own families.

It is much easier to hide from these feelings  during ordinary times because there are less expectations.  In a season steeped with family tradition, there are inner yearnings for family togetherness that cannot be denied.  These feelings do not exempt those that have chosen to severe ties with their own family for whatever reason.

Making Family Memories

When one creates a collection of memories, Christmas celebrations with the family inevitably form part of this collection. Anything related to family tradition usually do but it is Christmas or its equivalent in other regions that typically makes the mark in the minds especially of children who are still piling up their own memories to last them a lifetime.  Parents therefore are enjoined to do their part by instilling good values and creating an environment that is physically, socially, emotionally, and psychologically healthy.

Future generations are products of the past and the now.  This is not to say that a bleak past will dictate a bleak future.  We have the power of now to create the change that will make the difference.

My Say

My family has had its share of good Christmases and not-so-good ones.  The good ones fill me with much warmth when I remember them while the not-so-good ones fill me with a sense of triumph for having gone through them alive and stronger.  

That said, I am thankful for this day spent with my family.  It will be one of the most cherished memories I will hold in my heart and I hope that my children feel the same way.  Thank God for my family, Thank God for another Christmas with my family!

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