Turning Gold at 50 Years Old

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A person's 50th birthday is in every aspect a milestone to celebrate. Turning gold at the age of 50 years old puts a person in a special crossroad to a path which can be chosen by the celebrant wherever he or she sees fit.  After some time of letting other people decide on how his or her birthday is celebrated, a golden birth anniversary celebrant can now have a say.

A Not-So-Ordinary Party

Holding a party is still the most common way to celebrate a 50th birthday.  It can be made unique and one-of-a-kind by a chosen theme.  Some of the suggested physical set-up includes a gold color motif, a picture motif comprised of the most memorable pictures of the celebrant strategically arranged in the venue, or a period theme set in the decade the celebrant was born.

Another great idea is to invite only guests who are at least 50 years old.  The celebrant can also request for gifts of gold or some others things that can make the event different from past birthdays.  Partying however is only one option. 

50 Things To-Do List

In lieu of a party, a person approaching his or her 50th birthday can make a special 50 Things To-Do List which he or can start on the 49th birthday.  The idea is to accomplish 50 things that the celebrant wishes to do and complete the list on or before the day of the 50th birthday.  These 50 things can be comprised of simple joys in life like finally pursuing a sport, signing up for charity work,  or anything that a person has always wanted to do and yet didn't for some reason.

This is somewhat similar to a bucket list which lists the things a person wants to do before dying.  Although the age of 50 is seen by many as an age where the risk of death  increases due to the natural decline of the physical body,  a To-Do list on the 50th birthday is more of a celebration of life rather than anything else.  A person's 50th birthday is an opportune time to make life-changing decisions that can make life more worth living and joyful.

My Say

This birthday milestone is the nearest that I have to face at this time which made me think very hard of how I would like to celebrate mine when my time comes.  Although I fancy the idea of having a grand party with all my my relatives, friends , and other people who matter to me in attendance, the 50 Things To-Do List seems like a very exciting and challenging thing to do because I'm sure it will be a very personal journey of discovery.

Our personal situations and responsibilities usually limit what we can do so I am just imagining the joy of having the ultimate freedom to pursue 50 things that I've always wanted to do in my life.  I can almost feel the exhilaration. It would be so fulfilling to do something without guilt, time constraint  and  stress.

That said,  I have so many things going in my mind about these 50 things to do that I am actually looking forward to my own golden year.  I still have plenty of time before my own 50th but this idea really fired me up to make me start my list right now.

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