Always a Beautiful Ending with Cif - The Mother's Day Event

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Always a Beautiful Ending, so goes the tagline of Cif Cream Surface Cleaner...

Yesterday, Cif held its special Mother's Day Event at the Abe Restaurant in Serendra, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig. The event aptly called "Beautiful Endings, Everyday with Cif" was an opportune time for all Cif moms and dads to meet, have lunch, and get to meet the newest Cif mom and brand ambassador,Ms. Suzi Entrata. The event marks the launch of its latest campaign "101 Beautiful Endings with Cif".

Beautiful Endings, Everyday with Cif Event

The event welcomed media people including bloggers, certified Cif moms and dads, as well as the winners from the Cif Mom Search. A short introduction was given by the event hosts and then everyone was treated to a sumptuous lunch. After which, Ms. Suzi Entrata was introduced and she talked about her personal experiences in trying to maintain a beautiful and clean home.

There were several online contests held for the attendees which of course involved creating awareness for Cif through various social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram. There was also an actual demonstration  held for the correct use of Cif as shown below. The most exciting part is when Ms. Jinggay Iglesia, a guest of one of the bloggers seated with us went home with a TV for having the Best Mother's Day greetings. A very nice Mother's day surprise indeed! Incidentally, the winner of the Cif and Domex Overhaul Search was also recognized in the person of Ms. Cindy Dominguez. She submitted photos of the Quema Mansion Ancestral Home.
101 Beautiful Endings with Cif

This campaign essentially highlights a guide to 101 uses of Cif Cream Surface Cleaner.  Cif helps mothers and homemakers deal with the most stubborn dirt while remaining gentle on surfaces. It can clean efficiently without scratching practically all kinds of surfaces.

Directions for Use:

1. Pour a small amount of Cif Cream onto a sponge or cleaning cloth or directly on the area
    to be cleaned.
2. Rub gently then wipe with clean cloth  or rinse.
3. Use sparingly for delicate and colored surfaces.

It can be used almost anywhere including the kitchen, the bathroom, indoors, outdoors, kiddies corner, and other areas that need cleaning. 

Specific applications on kitchen areas include stained oven hobs and hotplates, tea stains on teapots and cups, sides of deep fat fryer, limescale build-up on tap joints and coffee percolator,  and burnt saucepans. Bathroom applications include removal of dried on soap on soap dishes, toilet, shower curtains, yellowing tile grouting, and basins and baths heavily stained with limescale. Other home areas can also benefit from the use of Cif since it has many other uses such as cleaning telephones, plastic trays, door handles, vases, ashtrays, and even your favorite flip-flops.

The list goes on to include synthetic car seat covers, soles of trainers and rubber boots, plastic bibs, kiddie tricycles, and toys. Cif is also suitable for outdoor cleaning such as barbecue grills, garden furniture, sports equipment, as well as fences and gates of homes. The uses are just too many to list.

Using Cif results not only to a cleaner home but a fresher smelling home as well. Homemakers will definitely discover more uses for Cif as they go about their daily routine of maintaining the house. Certainly tough cleaning with minimum effort.

My Say

Cif has generously provided all bloggers with products which we can give away to our loyal readers. However, given the logistical cost of sending these products to individuals, I have decided to use what I got in a different way. I intend to share Cif with my friends in our community and ask them to share the results preferably through photos.

That said, I hope the plan works out fine so I can show my readers the results together with my own review of the product. To borrow Cif's line, this Mother's Day Event indeed had a beautiful ending.

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