The Emerging Influential Blogs 2013 Winners

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And so it has come to pass that the Top Ten Emerging Influential Blogs 2013 were recognized last September 21, 2013 at the SMX Convention Center during the Digital Influencers Marketing Summit. The interesting thing here is that they are actually 11, an indication probably of how stiff the competition was among the nominated blogs. The official announcement was held off until the last part of the Summit, capping what turned out to be a very fruitful day for all participants.


Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs 2013 Winners
Source: Influential Blogger

The Nomination and the Countdown

The process of selecting the blogs for the final list required blog owners to exert more effort in making their blogs visible to those who matter. In this case, it was essentially a "fight" for recognition by peers . The blogs were nominated by bloggers and those with the bigger number of nominations will make it to the list.

No one really knew which blogs made it until the final list of writing entries was provided. From that list, anyone can conduct their own count. In the mean time, the winning blogs were informed of their inclusion in the list through email, roughly a couple of days before the awarding.

Teresa Martinez aka Teresay aka Letter Writer with Ms. Janette Toral

A Personal Honor

I consider the inclusion of my two blogs Teresay and A Letter Writer a personal honor. The thought that they may possibly take away votes from each other entered my mind. Because of the time element requirement of the writing project however, I knew that there was no other time for both except now and so I crossed my fingers and hoped for the best. I was not disappointed, thanks to those who nominated my two blogs. 

Almost Missed It

The strong rains almost prevented me from attending the Summit but I really couldn't afford to miss this once in a lifetime event. I reached the venue at about 11 am but was lucky enough to completely miss only the first speaker and about half of the second speaker's part. I would have liked to hear all of it if it was possible but counted myself fortunate to have made it to hear the rest of the speakers, considering that the program was supposed to start at 9 am.

An Opportunity to Learn

Every event related to what I do as a blogger presents an opportunity to learn. If I had the luxury of time, I would probably be present in all of them. Alas, that is not possible so I try to make the best of every chance I get to participate. This limitation has made me more eager to maximize learning and interacting opportunities. The mere reading through tweets with the hashtag #dimsummit provided special keynotes that provided learning as well.

My Say

As I've said in my acceptance speech, I dedicate this award to bloggers over 40 years old like me since my blogs' winning prove that the younger generation does not have the monopoly of online activity and in fact can appreciate works like ours. I also dedicate this award to the women bloggers, as I've observed that all my co-winners were men. The lady shown in the picture below accepted the award for one of the winning male bloggers. I don't know if this means there are more male bloggers than female bloggers.

That said, this recognition has made me more aware of the need to give my best in all my blogs. There is no topic so inconsequential so as not to merit any attention from readers. We just need to do the best we can in all blogs that we choose to create. 

I love writing and am very thankful that I've found blogging along the way. Finding a writing project such as this to be part of is a bonus experience to be treasured. Special thanks to Janette Toral of Digital Filipino.

Image Credit: Janette Toral

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