Benefits of Brisk Walking

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Walking being the least expensive among the different exercises has many benefits that people many times just ignore. It is the easiest exercise too. For me, walking is the most holistic activity a person can have provided he or she does it with diligence and care. The outdoor is good for brisk walking including parks and gardens or squares and centers.

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Better Unwinding and Cognitive Function

Regular unwinding is necessary to clear the mind of any negative thoughts, and ideas that can block visions. While walking, the focus is diverted from thinking to simply walking, catching one’s breath, and giving attention to the body. The physical activity now takes over the mental work and so the brain gets to rest or take a break.

The body with regular exercise allows the individual to sleep soundly and for longer number of hours. Mental activity at times can be stressful, but with the body at work, it is easier to hit a balance and sleep can be achieved naturally.

Strengthens the Heart and Character

Literally, the heart is strengthened by brisk walking in as much as the physical activity enhances energy and the heart while pumping distributes the blood spontaneously throughout the body. The fat intake and the calories are burned faster in brisk walking with oxygen moving freely into the blood vessels.

On the other hand, the character too is developed; the emotion of anger can be released while walking. It is a therapy in itself. Sadness once released in perspiration, can be transformed into a feeling of agility, hope, and excitement.

Good for Bones and Prevents Diseases

Brisk walking promotes strong bones and affords flexibility around the ankle and knee area. Older people with arthritis need to do some brisk walking to sustain balance and free themselves from the attacks of rheumatism. Other persons diagnosed with diabetes are also advised to go on walking to burn carbohydrates which in turn become sugar, an element not good for those having the disease.

In the process of walking or any physical exercise, toxins are removed from the body system by perspiring. Drinking water to rehydrate also cleanses the body. There is then fluidity in the food intake and disposal from the large intestines, leaving only good nutrients to flow and circulate. Thus, according to some studies, certain diseases like breast and colon cancers can be prevented through brisk walking.

Attitude for Brisk Walking

Once the benefits are known and considering that most of the works nowadays are sedentary in nature, a positive attitude towards brisk walking should be fostered. There is nothing to lose but everything to gain. The exercise must first be motivated to fall into a habit and with regular practice it will soon become a discipline. And just like any program of activity, preplanning is necessary. Otherwise success is far from being reached, and goals are not achieved. So, start now, walk with energy and quick or brisk walk.

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