Why Dads Matter

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The role of mothers in raising children and running a household is well-documented and accepted all over the world. How about the other adult in the family - the father or dad as most children would call him? Let me try to explain why dads matter by way of enumerating how the presence of our very own Dad in the house directly affects myself and the children.

Fatherhood is no longer confined to provision of material needs of the family. Psychologists believe that the mother and the children stand to benefit from having an involved father in the house. This means having a dad who participates in raising the children physically, emotionally, intellectually, morally, and spiritually.

He Takes Care of the Children

From Day 1 of his fatherhood, it was very clear that nothing can make him stay away from our children. He carried them in infancy, held their hand when they were learning to walk, and automatically jumps to his feet with me when we hear their cries. He stays up at night when they are sick, just watching them and making sure that he hears them when they call. He probably has done everything to ensure their physical well-being.

He Does His Share in Household Chores

The one thing that I am most thankful for in having him as a husband is that he has never balked when it comes to doing household chores. He does not consider them beneath him or something that makes him less manly. This attitude of his has made it possible for us to maintain our home without any house-help. I cannot imagine doing it alone. By the way, his favorite chore is cooking while his most requested ability is ironing clothes. I know that doesn't say much about my own ironing abilities. Let us just say I'd rather wash clothes all day than iron one complicated piece of clothing.

He Offers Emotional Stability

I, being very outspoken, is often mistaken as the one who makes the final decision in our home. I have the tendency to be rash and emotional in making decisions while he has always been the patient and solid one. He rarely contradicts what I want so when he speaks up, I listen because I know he sees something I do not. His presence is enough assurance for us. 

He Sacrifices for Us

These sacrifices are seen in seemingly ordinary things like giving his share of food when he sees anyone of us would rather have more, rejecting the idea of buying new things for him unless all other needs are taken cared of first, and everything else he does which is equivalent to saying that he is willing to be last so we will be first. Sometimes I don't like this attitude of his because I'm afraid that he is not taking care of himself enough. I try to explain to him that it need not be always him who will make sacrifices.

He is Genuinely Interested 

Even with the load of daily work we have to share, he displays an impressive genuine interest in the affairs of our children. He patiently listens to their stories, helps them in their projects, and is my reliable back-up when I have to talk to the teachers, doctors, or anyone else who has something to say about our children. If you want to get his attention, mention our children.

My Say

Anyone who gets to observe our home for just a day will know how much our dad of the house matters to us. Upon waking up, my children calls out to him. Unless it is a school day, my children tend to linger in bed long after waking up just to tell stories and their dad has always been their best listener and audience. Whenever I alone fetch them from school, the children always have to be assured that their father is alright and just needs to do something. They are already calling out to him even before our car comes to a complete stop in front of our house. They simply cannot wait to tell him what happened in school. So who do you think are they going to call at bedtime? Dad of course.

That said, I say all of these without a single jealous vein acting up in my body because my children also show their need for me in other ways. In fact, I am very grateful that he is able to fill up their needs which I may find difficult to do most of the time. Most of all, I am thankful that he treats me well because I know how important that is for our children to see and feel. 

Without our dad of the house, our family will be crippled. He works with us, plays with us, prays with us, eats with us, laughs with us, and cries with us. We cannot imagine life without him because he has lived and continues to live life with us.

Happy Father's Day to all dads!

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