Taking Care of Home Repairs Before They Result to Major Damage

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All homes are bound to have some point of weakness in the face of natural disturbances such as storms. It is important that these points are taken cared of before it is too late. More so if there are obvious repairs needed to be done. Failing to attend to this immediately could easily result to more damage than expected.

This polycarbonate roofing in our garden seems to the weakest point in our own home. It was almost lifted off during the last storm. My husband had to tie it up and put metal clamps on it at the height of the strong winds. It was a good thing that it held up but we may not be as lucky the next time.

Without this polycarbonate roofing in its place, our side door will be fully exposed to the elements. Rain will be able to seep in without difficulty, not to mention that the roofing itself can cause further damage when it slams on another part of the house, or worse a neighbor's house or car. We know we need to find a more permanent solution for this especially since we are expecting many more typhoons for this year.

Taking Care of Home Repairs

1. Conduct regular inspection of all parts of the house ideally during cleaning time. This will ensure that no area is left neglected. Homeowners are often surprised by big repair requirements in areas which are not regularly checked.

2. Address minor repairs at once so they will not become major repair issues. A leaking faucet for example does not only waste water. It can also damage house parts that are reached by the seeping water.

3. Get the services of professionals for major repairs. A botched job of an amateur can easily result to more expensive return jobs. The services of licensed workers will be needed for house concerns related to safety like electricity, plumbing, and permanent structures.

My Say

Often, homeowners tend to delay repairs arguing that they have no time or funds for it. While these challenges are real, the problems that can possibly result from delaying needed home repairs are likewise real. Home maintenance is actually an ongoing thing. It never gets to be fully done.

That said, for the sake of protecting our loved ones and our properties, we need to give time for home repairs.

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