IKEA Experiment with Time Travel

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If you were given the chance to travel through time to see a glimpse of your possible future, would you take it? Adam and Sofi did through the IKEA Experiment with Time Travel. With the help of renowned hypnotist Justin Tranz, the couple was sent through an interesting journey of the mind.

As explained by Tranz, hypnosis is defined as bypassing the critical facility of the conscious mind and implanting selective thinking. In the IKEA Time Travel Experiment, Adam and Sofi were hypnotized into believing that they were actually in the future. They were brought face-to-face with life-changing events that take place in IKEA bedrooms and bathrooms, with the help of several actors. The purpose of the experiment is to let customers experience solutions in the future. Bear in mind that the couple has yet to start a family of their own.

This scene shows the couple with their supposed-to-be 12 year-old daughter celebrating her birthday.

This scene shows them 5 years after with the same daughter who is now bent on going to India with her yoga instructor George.

And finally, this scene shows them now that George has moved in their home with their daughter.

Adam and Sofi were made to go through these events in their lives while in deep hypnosis. The video below would show how they were able to play along the different scenarios presented to them. Tranz explained that this was made possible through the power of suggestibility. Humans are known to react and act based on "suggestions" from others, whether spoken or not. People who are going through intense emotions tend to be more receptive and accepting of the ideas of others.

The events "forced" on Adam and Sofi made them more suggestible or accepting of the scenario presented to them. These are events that would normally put the emotions of parents in high gear: a 12 year-old child demanding something which is not possible, a 16 year-old child going off to an adventure in India with her yoga instructor, and a 23 year-old child bringing home a man of different perspective. Their feelings made them more open to Tranz's suggestions.

Let us now watch the full video and feel the experience of Adam and Sofi.

My Say

What has time travel got to do with IKEA, a company that designs and sells ready-to-assemble furniture, appliances, and home accessories? Nothing perhaps that will be quite obvious. But in bringing this couple to a time travel experience, IKEA has succeeded in pushing to the forefront the reality that the future will bring changes. Most of these changes will be happening inside our homes and that is inevitable.

That said, every life event will bring change. Have you noticed how our homes tend to change as well with every event that comes, no matter how small? Growing up kids require room changes. A child who leaves home leaves a space as well that needs rearranging. The same child who comes back with an added member certainly calls for major changes in our homes. 

Not all changes will be physical. We will be required to adapt emotionally as well as we all travel to our future. In the physical sense, IKEA will always be there as we continuously re-adapt our homes to our circumstances.

Find your future bathroom and bedroom at IKEA. You need not travel through time to do that.

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