Family Beyond Blood Relations

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Family is generally defined as  a group composed of parents and children living together in one household. When we speak of family therefore, we almost always refer to blood relations or those who are biologically connected to us. Is it possible therefore to have a family beyond blood relations? In my opinion, it is.

What Makes a Family?

Families are supposed to be characterized by harmony, acceptance, respect, and love, in spite of differences. While these are always desired attributes of family, not all biological families will have them. There is a popular adage that blood is thicker than water, simply meaning that we can rely more on our blood relatives for support than our friends. But aren't we better off if we have both since there are times and situations where only our friends can come to our rescue even if our blood relations are willing to help?

Work-Based Family

For most people who are working, it is almost impossible not to be part of a particular group. Most of the times, it would be department-based. Some would form their own family of friends based on common interests. Not all work-based groups will become a family. A person who finds a genuine family at work is more able to cope with challenges knowing that support is constant even when career competition exists.

Community-Based Family

The community in which a person lives in provides another source of family that is not blood related. A group of people driven by the same goal of making life better will most probably become a family through time. This is especially so when the group goes through trials and comes out still together.

My Say

I am blessed to have two other families other than my biological family. I have been with my BEC family in our village for more than two years and with my Wave 37 family at work for less than two months only. My time with these two groups have proven that the length of time together is not necessarily the most important component of forming real families. It is more about the genuine care for each other that develops.

That said, I thank these people who have become part of my life and are continually helping me take care of my biological family even more. I count myself fortunate for having them in my life.

Image credit for BEC family picture: Eric Egualada

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