The Perfect Christmas - Is it the Absence of Lack?

10:07 AM

It is very easy to get caught up with the whole idea of having the perfect Christmas. Most people, including myself have visions of what could make our holidays perfect - whole and functional family, a beautifully decorated home, warm delicious food, new clothes, gifts for everybody, and that secure feeling that everything is taken cared of, financially or otherwise. Perfect isn't it?  But who has such perfection in his or her hands? It depends on how we define a perfect Christmas.

The Perfect Family

In every family, there are bound to be conflicts that rips it apart. The so-called black sheep may be causing monumental embarrassment to the family. Unspoken agreement of trust may have been violated. There are even deep, dark secrets that no one wishes to go back to or speak about. Sometimes, the effect of these circumstances are too much that there is nothing left to do but stay away from each other just to keep an acceptable degree of peace going on and so family members find themselves going their separate ways.

Being in a less than ideal family set-up can be very painful especially during the holidays. We see so many picture-perfect scenes of families around us that our "lack" seem to be more pronounced than ever. Friends in a sense can be our family but during holidays, most will be with their biological families. It is lonely to have no family to speak of back home.

The Material Prerequisites

Nowadays, it seems happiness has a monetary tag attached to it. This is not necessarily a selfish behavior. Even the simplest meal or cheapest gift that can put a smile on the face on our precious loved ones' face comes at a price. 

Let us not even talk about grand and lavish dreams and concentrate on the most basic "requirements" to celebrate Christmas. There are people who can barely make it day-to-day, much more come up with modest holiday preparations. Again, the more abundance we see around us, the more obvious our "lack" becomes.

My Say

Age has taught me a valuable lesson. I cannot have everything I want and therefore I will always "lack" something or at least feel that way at varying points in my life. Through time, I have learned to remove my focus on what I don't have but rather give due attention to what I have. Whatever I have now - my family, my work, my small joys and big challenges are all precious.

That said, do I yearn for the common idea of perfect Christmas where there is absence of lack? Sometimes I do but most of the time I don't because doing so leaves me frustrated, stressed, and even angry. These are the very emotions that I least need during such a wonderful day as Christmas. I resolve therefore to change my definition of Perfect Christmas as a season or day where I have what I and my family needs. I wish to be happy and I will never be such if I insist on having everything I want and so will you.

Have a Blessed Christmas everyone!

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