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Many times in my life I’ve said in jest that if there is anything that I wouldn’t mind doing everyday, it would be shopping. Shopping has a way of improving people’s disposition especially if they are able to buy without the guilt. No wonder there is such a thing as retail therapy. If the act of shopping alone can invite positive emotions like this, imagine the feeling when you can actually earn from doing it.

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Discovering ShopBack

I discovered ShopBack during one of my relaxed online surfing sessions. My attention was caught with the line “get cashback for shopping online”. Mind you, I am in no way near being a shopper who buys on a whim. I carefully study what I need to buy and always try to find the best option to get it. Thus, I’m sure you would understand how interesting that line could be to me. 

Shopping wisely is no longer limited to getting the lowest price and best quality. It has also become synonymous to providing other benefits to shoppers. Earning through cashback when you shop online through ShopBack is certainly a plus factor when determining which e-commerce site to use. I tried it for myself and here was how it went.

The ShopBack Experience

After a quick registration with the ShopBack platform, I clicked on the “Lazada” box to start shopping. My husband and I haved been mulling over our priority purchases for the coming months. We were seriously considering two on the list which were 2 chairs for our home office area and a filing cabinet for our important documents.We decided on the chairs, given the fact that we spend most of our working time with our computers, not to mention a big part of my children’s study time as well.

I was able to navigate through the site without any problem. My online purchase was finished in no time. Everything was clear from start to finish.

Before I knew it, I was done shopping.

I received my order confirmation soon after through my email. It contained all the information of my purchase and the expected delivery date. All I needed to do was wait for another email once the items are shipped.

Before that came, I got another email, this time about the updated cashback. As you can see, I got my first cashback from this particular purchase. It is actually very exciting as I look forward to more cashbacks in my future purchases. To think, that we were really intent on buying these items, cashback or not. Getting a cashback for something we were buying anyway can be considered a bonus.

My Say

There was a time that I gave in to impulsive buying and suffered the consequences for it. Today however, I really do advocate for wise shopping because this is the only way we are able to enjoy shopping without serious downsides. It is so easy for us to let go of our money especially now when shopping has been made a lot more convenient through online shopping.

That said, we can never go wrong with shopping platforms that share real benefits and incentives to its buyers. ShopBack gives us options. Now it is up to us to make wise shopping choices.

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