Why Feuding Between Family Members Cuts the Deepest

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Of all personal battles we may find ourselves facing, a feud with a family member usually cuts the deepest. There are fights we can easily get over with or disregard. Such is not the case when we are fighting with family.

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It is never easy to take on a fight, most especially if it is with a family member. That is why sorting out any difference before it becomes a full-blown feud is the most recommended path to take. It is not something you can start and then expect to be fixed whenever it is convenient. In the process of feuding, so many complications can make reconciliation almost impossible.

Feuding Between Family Members Cuts the Deepest

There are a number of reasons why feuding between family members hurt the most:

It is very personal

Fighting between family members is often very personal because each one knows the strengths and weaknesses of the other. Each will have private information on each other no other enemy can use. Sometimes, it doesn't even matter if it is only partly true when the main goal is to destroy the credibility of the other.

Every attack ricochets

Even among the bitterest enemies between family members, very few can claim not feeling the slightest remorse or pain when an attack causes actual pain in whatever form to the other. Being a member of one family means that there were roots of love planted somewhere that are not easily buried even with strong or even violent disagreements. Thus. every hurt inflicted tends to come back to the "inflicter".

There will always be collateral damage

A fight between family members may result to pain to people who are not directly related to the disagreement but are directly related to the "warring" parties. Children of fighting siblings may at the very least grow up not getting to know each other or carry on the fight to their generation to the next, at the very worst. These are unwilling victims who may have been swayed by the influence of their parents. 

My Say

It is sad to admit that I continue to be one of the parties to such kind of feud in my own family in the matter of fighting for my family's legal right to the trade name AMBOS MUNDOS RESTAURANT. It is a feud that was worsened by the misplaced interest of third parties with the end goal of robbing us of our rights. This is why there is no turning back for me even if it hurts, quite deeply in fact.

That said, I am all out for putting an end to all of this but not without justice being served. Not everybody will understand. Suffice it to say that if there was any way to settle this without putting my family on the losing end forever, I would have readily grabbed it, but alas there is no such thing in sight. 

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