When Blogging Turns into a Family Passion

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More than 10 years ago, I stumbled upon content writing without purposely looking for it. As shared in one of my previous posts, the opportunity presented itself during a time that I was looking for a way to earn while staying at home. Not long after, I found myself blogging without really understanding what it was all about. All I knew was that I was given access to a site so I can directly upload the content I was writing with considerable freedom as to the tone and style. Apparently, I was already starting to blog.

From 1 to 30

That single site eventually became thirty. It was real work, hard work in fact. I can only smile when I hear about writing job offers to bloggers for a rather low rate because "it would only take 2 hours of their time to complete 10 posts of 500 words each" each and every day. If it was really that easy, wouldn't you think they'd keep their money and do it themselves?

Hard as it was though, I learned a lot from the experience. I was fortunate enough to have a boss who cared enough to teach. That is why I continued to write for them even when I was already writing for my own blogs. It was with a heavy heart that I informed them after many years that I will not be able to continue doing so because I was returning to formal employment. I had to work doubly hard for my own blogs due to time constraints but never thought of stopping. By that time, I was totally into blogging and stopping would be like cutting off an important part of my life.

Family Effort

From the very beginning, my blogs have always been products of family effort. My eldest daughter took charge of the technical side which was and is still alien to me. Writing is what I enjoy doing and my blogs allowed me to write to my heart's content. The favorable response to my first blog was more than encouraging and so my daughter and I found ourselves handling 3 blogs in no time.

These blogs became our practice grounds in honing our skills. My husband eventually helped in promoting my blogs and started to write some posts as well. My two younger children must have seen something good about what I'm doing as they were asking to set up their own blogs. I explained to them that blogging is not a game and would require some serious work. Before I realized it, all five of us were blogging passionately and there was no turning back. With the increase in the number of our blogs, it was obvious that we need to put cohesiveness in our blogging actions for better business collaboration.

Teresay & Co.

Teresay & Co. represents what my family as bloggers can do to get the word out through our various blogs. It is no secret that brands are now actively tapping blogs and bloggers as media partners. We tried to cover as much categories as we can confidently handle, without sacrificing quality, credibility, and relevance. We have different writing styles and we allow that to show. We are after all, still different people even if we belonged to one family.  At least two blogs of ours accept writer-contributors to continuously infuse fresh perspective.

It is not easy to handle one blog so imagine how challenging it can be for our family who handles several. We persist because we truly find blogging enjoyable and productive. It is a happy chaos of all of us writing with myself overseeing it , my eldest daughter handling the technical side, my husband handling the promotions side, my teenage son contributing his "radical" ideas , and my youngest daughter pitching in on the creative aspects of our blogs. 

My Say

Blogging may have come to my family's life accidentally but it is probably the happiest accident that ever happened to us. It changed the direction of our lives forever. Aside from the genuine love for each other, it would do well for a family to have that one activity that binds them together. It is definitely blogging for our family.

That said, blogging obviously has become our family passion. We honestly don't know how long we will be doing this together. What we do know is that it is something that we will bring with us individually wherever life takes us.

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