Avida Homepossible Familyscape Conference: Life Hacks for Managing Time and Activities

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What are life hacks? The simplest and most straight-to-the-point meaning is that they are methods or tricks, if you please, that we can apply in our daily lives for better efficiency and productivity. Most people go through life seemingly burdened with responsibilities all people have, though in varying nature and degree. Avida recently hosted the Homepossible: Familyscape Conference in its goal to create a community that empowers by uplifting the overall journey of the homemaker.

Avida Homepossible Familyscape Conference

Homemakers were treated to an afternoon of learning during the Avida Homepossible Familyscape Conference held last May 28, 2016 at the Grand Ballroom of Farimont Hotel in Makati. Four speakers namely Edric Mendoza, Marilen Faustino-Montenegro, Cheska Garcia-Kramer, and Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio, shared their own life hacks. Edric tackled financial planning, Marilen talked about creating an inspiring living space at home, Cheska provided tips on how to better take care of one's self, and Rica shared her thoughts about nurturing the inner self.

Admittedly, all these topics are relevant to any homemaker. It is no secret that a homemaker has the crucial task of juggling several responsibilities at any given time. He or she has to work on attaining financial stability while making sure that everything is smooth in the home-front. In the midst of these responsibilities is the challenge to take care of one's self, external and internal-wise.

Up Close and Personal with 100% Whole Mom

Several members of the media, including myself had the chance to interview the women behind 100% Whole Mom, who collaborated with Avida Land for the Familyscape Conference. They shared the reason why they formed the group which is "to inspire moms to make happy homes, embrace their beauty, and nurture the heart". It actually felt good listening to these lovely and popular ladies talk about their desire to be an instrument in empowering other women, especially the homemakers.

100% Whole Mom is comprised of Mariden, Cheska, and Rica who admitted to being very close friends. Together, they are working for a common goal through their individual "specialization". The conference participants went home armed with practical life tips that would help them enjoy life more while taking care of the more challenging aspects of earning a living, saving for the future, and ensuring a happy family and fulfilling personal life. 

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My Say

We can always use life hacks, especially those that have proven to work for others. We can personalize them according to our situations and make them more applicable in solving our predicaments. I have heard this advice several times before and heard it again from the ladies of 100% Whole Mom: Take care of yourself so you can take care of others.

That said: I think it's about time I take this advice to heart and so should you.

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