Christmas Decors from Scrap Wood and More

9:22 PM

For quite some time, the village where we stay has had some concerns with how to dispose of wood from trees felled by strong typhoons and tree cuttings from regular trimming and pruning. It seems that the pile of wood is growing faster than we can dispose of them. Then one bright idea struck which is to use them as decorations instead of throwing them. The results are actually very cute. 

Tree Trunk

As you can see, with some colorful paint and rich imagination, several variations of snowmen decor can be produced. 

A bunch of them grouped together, placed on the ground is a joy to see.

Whether round or elongated, they are equally festive,

especially with candles bearing messages of love and peace for the season.

See how they make an attractive sight set in a row, very much comfortable in nature where they came from.

Wood Plank

There will always be odd sizes left from wood planks used in construction. Here they are formed side by side to create a humorous message,

while here they were made as Christmas trees in various sizes and colors. 

They can be scattered in strategic places in a village to create a theme. 

Window Glass

Someone's works of art also found its way into old discarded window, also using the snowman theme. 

My Say 

Whatever theme the village Christmas decoration will choose to have, there will always be the belen which is a traditional symbol of Christmas in the Philippines. It will always have its place no matter what even among snowmen in a place where it does not snow. 

That said, I'm really glad that there are still some people in our village who find time to cheer up the atmosphere with Christmas decorations that may be simple and practical but no less "christmassy". Scrap wood and left-over materials put to good use can be our gift to our environment to ensure that future generations will still get to enjoy the most celebrated season in the world.

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