Snack Time Party at SM Cinema with Despicable Me 3

9:13 PM

Whoever said that a family with grown-up kids like mine can no longer attend a kid's party got the party idea wrong especially if it's a Snack Time Kids Party at SM Cinema. I attended this party together with my family and enjoyed ourselves to the hilt just like kids do. Of course, the bonus came via the special screening of Despicable Me 3

It's Party Time

And so party we did. My daughter did some coloring while my son played games. My husband enjoyed the party food while I was so happy to get my toy Minion. 

It's Movie Time

So after all the partying, we settled comfortably to watch the movie. The movie watching experience was so much better especially when given the best seats...

... and the best snacks in the house.

My Say

It feels good to be like kids sometimes, to just play and enjoy the moment just because. Watching a movie together is one of the simplest joys of my family, and partying on the side just made it more fun.

That said, we should not be afraid to feel like kids again so we can come out refreshed and ready again to face the realities of adulthood. 

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