Protect Yourself and Your Loved Ones From Serious Diseases with Forti-D

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We are living in dangerous times. There's crime, disaster, war, and sickness. Among these dangers, sickness is something that we can have more control of, essentially by taking care of our minds and bodies. Vitamin supplements like Forti-D, a Vitamin D supplement made by Unilab can help us do just that.

My own family recently joined other members of my husband's clan in carrying out a long-time tradition in their father's hometown. The annual fiesta procession where the focus of interest was the parade of their family heirloom which is the image of St. Mary Magdalene, the patron saint, was physically challenging because of the long walk and unpredictable weather. I was actually worried about my children who are not used to this kind of physical activity. Add to that the long driving distance we had to travel to reach the place.

To my relief, every one survived the challenge, and happily at that as you can see in our photo. There was no grumbling even if we were all tired and sweaty. I have to credit the family spirit that prevailed and our determination to keep our bodies healthy, in spite of the limitations posed on us by the very hectic environment brought about by school and work demands. Eating right, having adequate rest and physical activity, and taking vitamin supplements, appear to be working for us.

What is Vitamin D?

Vitamin D is essential for maintaining good overall health and strong healthy bones. What is unique in Vitamin D is that it is something that our own bodies can produce through proper sun exposure or taking the right amount of supplement. We do not get it from the food we eat. This fact got me interested in Forti-D.

Vitamin D Deficiency is strongly linked to Chronic Diseases such as Cancer, Heart Failure, Diabetes, etc. This is because studies show that 36 of our organs and tissues are regulated by Vitamin D, including our heart, lungs, brain, and bones. However, not all get the sufficient Vitamin D requirement they need. In fact, 7 out of 10 Filipinos are Vitamin D Deficient (based on a study conducted with Hi-Precision Diagnostics, where 8200 Filipinos from key cities in the Philippines were tested for Vitamin D Deficiency)

Vitamin D-Deficiency happens because:

It’s hard to get enough Vitamin D from the sun (indoor lifestyle, clothing, skin color, aging, and use of umbrellas or sunscreen limit Vitamin D absorption)

It’s difficult to obtain from food (RDA of Vitamin D is equivalent to 40 eggs / 8 glasses of milk / 800g of salmon / 2 cans of tuna flakes every day)

Start Serious Protection Today with Forti-D

1 Capsule of Forti-D a day gives your daily requirement of 800IU of Vitamin D. Getting proper sun exposure can be a challenge to many as not all the time of the day is advisable. The rule of thumb is to do it before 10 am or after 3-4 pm so we can avoid complications such as sunburn or skin cancer. With the tight schedule everyone is keeping nowadays, finding time can be a big issue. 

Breastfeeding mothers in particular should seriously consider taking Vitamin D. Vitamin D is needed for calcium absorption among infants. If Vitamin D Concentration in the mother’s breast milk is low (which, as studies show, is usually the case), this may lead to Vitamin D Deficiency in infants. Vitamin D Deficiency in infants can cause “rickets, delayed motor development, muscle weakness, aches and pains, and fractures” (see: . Vitamin D Supplementation for breastfeeding mothers is important to help provide Vitamin D requirements of the breastfeeding infant.

 “Seryosong Proteksyon, Simulan Ngayon!”

Our families need all the protection we can get from sickness. So if you need protection from serious diseases for yourself and your loved ones, taking Forti-D can help tremendously. Visit for more details on how best to protect your family.

My Say

I'm sure every one will agree with me when I say we only want what is best for our family. Serious protection from serious diseases is certainly something we always welcome. 

That said, with sensible physical care and the right supplements, I'm sure my family and I will get to enjoy more memorable moments like this.

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