Canada as a Year-round Travel Destination

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Few countries can claim to be a year-round travel destination. Canada is one of them. The main reason is that there is always something to see and do in Canada whatever season it may be. 


The timing for the visit would depend on a traveler's preference and schedule availability. Regardless of when the trip is set, it is always ideal to look into vacation homes in Canada to make sure that proper accommodation is ready beforehand. This is one of the most important aspects to consider in traveling. Travelers would find themselves hard put to enjoy even the most scenic attractions if there is no comfortable place to rest and be safe during the stay. 


Seasons of Canada 

Canada has four seasons: spring, summer, fall, and winter. This is actually one of the reasons why the country holds so much appeal for travelers. Although the weather across the country tends to vary depending on location, these four seasons can still be clearly defined. Spring months are from March to May while summer months are from June to August, sometimes extending to September. Fall is felt from September to November while winter occurs from December to February.

To make it easier for you to decide what time of the year you want to visit, listed below are highly recommended places to visit in Canada plus the most exciting activities happening per season. 

Spring in Canada
Spring represents the season for rebirth and regrowth. For many, this season is best characterized by the abundance of plants and flowers. Temperature tends to be high during the day and cooler at night. Travelers may have to balance hot and cold weather in terms of clothing as temperatures may change without warning. Layering one's clothing is advised to easily adapt even at short notice.

If you think cherry blossoms can only be found in Japan, think again. Vancouver holds it own Cherry Blossoms Festival where visitors can see in their own eyes thousands of cherry blossom trees in full bloom. While we are on the subject of spectacular flowery sights, the Canadian Tulip Festival is also a must-see. One can also try spring skiing while the snow is still intact just after winter season bids farewell. Canada also boasts of numerous nature trails which makes hiking a pleasurable activity during spring time. 

There are many other interesting places to visit in Canada during spring. These include Fogo Island in Newfoundland and Labrador, Grand Beach in Manitoba, Kananaskis Country in Alberta, and Algonquin Provincial Park in Ontario, among others. These places are absolutely stunning in Canadian spring.

Summer in Canada
Summer is the hottest season of the four. Given that, travelers should still be ready with light clothing and a coat. Bringing a brimmed hat is sensible for protection from sun exposure. It is often characterized by longer days and shorter nights. 

There are a host of activities travelers can do during summer in Canada. The weather permits people to be more adventurous in their choices although even the simple act of riding a train provides ample opportunities to see the panoramic view up close. Hiking, camping out in the wilderness, and cycling are equally pleasurable activities that can be done if you want to feel closer to nature. Summer is also a very agreeable time to observe wildlife and learn a new water sport.

A visit to a vineyard in Nova Scotia makes for an interesting trip. Sightseeing in Niagara Falls is an exciting way to cap a trip. Do not forget to experience the many festivals ongoing all over specially if you find yourself in a party mood.

Fall in Canada
Fall is the opposite of summer as days become shorter and nights longer. This is the time of the year when leaves change color from green to red, yellow, and brown. The sight form such a lovely spectacle before these leaves fall to the ground and even when most have actually fallen. A scarf is the single most indispensable piece of clothing for the season together with coats, mittens, boots, and hats. 

This is a very wonderful time to be outdoors in Canada. British Columbia and Alberta are the most popular when it comes to scenery highlighting fall foliage. Other places though in Canada are not to be left behind.

The pumpkin festival in Wellington town and peach festival in Winona are fun. Get to experience Canadian Thanksgiving and Oktoberfest celebrations held all over. Festivals are many during this season ranging from music festivals to hot air balloon festivals. 

Winter in Canada
Winter clothing is something you would rather not take for granted while in Canada. It is necessary to dress warmly for ample protection from the cold. This would be the ideal time to add earmuffs, gloves, leg warmers, and the works to keep warm in the coldest season of the year. This season is often connected to snow and freezing temperatures.

Aside from the traditional winter activities of skiing and skating, Canada in winter offers a lot more. Dog-sledding, snowshoeing, and ice-fishing, are just some of the unique ways visitors can enjoy winter in Canada.  Numerous winter festivals are likewise held all over.

One attraction that can only be seen and experienced during winter is the Quebec Ice Hotel. Think ice from the structure to the furniture and you can envision this cathedral-like hotel carved purely from ice. Ottawa's Rideau Canal becomes the world's largest skating rink once it becomes sufficiently frozen for skaters' use. Canada is also home to excellent ski resorts such as the Mont Tremblant.

My Say

If I had a choice, I would very much like to visit in Canada in winter. In spite of the cold temperature, this time of the year gives me a warm feeling probably because I associate it with receiving loving wishes for the holidays from loved ones staying in Canada. It would be nice to exchange holiday wishes face to face for a change.

That said, I'll continue looking forward to these greetings year in and and year out  because in doing so, I get to somehow feel that Canada is not a very distant dream.  

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