The Strength of Women in the Face of Adversities

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How strong can women be?

The Women in our Family

Looking at the women in our family, I found myself thinking of how tenacious women can be in the face of challenges. At the sight of my 76 year-old mother, my younger sister, my 2 daughters, and my 2 granddaughters, I can't help but feel awed on how we are able to bounce back from the numerous adversities that came our way.

Those adversities came in many forms: sickness, financial, relationships, friendships, studies...and probably many others that stay hidden in our hearts. Whether by innate strength or necessity, knowing that there are people depending on us, we rise from falling. We cried from the pain, took a deep breath, dusted ourselves off, and continued on, even if it meant starting all over again.

Female Strength

In spite of the commonly accepted superiority of men over women when it comes to physical strength, studies show that women are actually stronger than men. Now, this is not some feminist stance to argue female superiority but rather to take note of the fact that women are more likely to prevail in extreme conditions. The secret to this lies in emotional strength and dogged determination to survive, if not for one's self, then for loved ones.

Women are also said to be biologically wired to live longer than men. Even in sickness, a lot of jokes have been told on how extremely different men handle the common colds from women. The man cold idea refers on how men tend to fuss about having colds and sometimes totally shut off while women continue on their daily activities with the same condition. Studies are still being done to see if sex hormones are related to this phenomena or if it is a cultural thing which which puts much pressure on men to be infallible thus such a reaction.

My Say

Women have been historically keeping the ties of family strong and intact while doing their share, if not single-handedly raising a family. That said, they are able to do much more with the support of loved ones for no matter how strong they appear to be, they too have their breaking point. 

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