Reflections on my Birthday Amidst Covid-19

9:55 PM

Birth and death are at the opposite ends of what we call life. While one signals the start, the other signals the end. That is how I found myself reflecting on the anniversary date of my birth amidst the deaths caused by the onslaught of Covid-19.

Celebrating at this time cannot be what it used to be. The times require us to be more sensitive as people struggle through sickness, lost jobs and businesses, and even death in the family. So today I will quietly celebrate these three simple things as I start another year of my life.

1. I am alive

Not all people are given this gift every day. It is true that I sometimes feel discouraged, unappreciated, and sad but I cannot depend on others to make me feel otherwise. No matter how difficult, I know I need to continue to encourage myself, recognize my worth, and work on my happiness.

2. My dream is alive

For the longest time, I fought for the legacy of Ambos Mundos. My efforts were finally rewarded late last year with the final decision that enabled me to again register the beloved trade name under my name. While we work on our restaurant's come back, our other business venture AMBOS Breads is doing great. 

3. My passion is alive

I Thank God for the gift of writing. It has allowed me to serve. It has allowed me to fight for what is right. It has allowed me to see things in a better perspective. 

My Say

Celebrating one's birthday during a pandemic is far from ideal. However, the present situation forces us to look on what we have right now and use it. No parties, no gifts, no new dress but we still have our lives, our dreams, and our skills. That said, this might be one of my most memorable birthdays, as I will remember it as a day when I was actually thankful for what I have. For to survive Covid-19 physically, emotionally, and economically, is a feat in itself. 

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