5 Top Laundry Tips During the Rainy Season

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Doing the laundry during the rainy season can be the bane of many homemakers. It is not uncommon to end up rewashing many clothes after being in the clothesline for several days due to non-stop rain. This of course wastes so much precious time as such time can be used for other household tasks that are equally important.

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Here are my 5 Top Laundry Tips During the Rainy Season:

1. Prioritize Laundry Items to Wash

Since it would take a longer time for newly laundered clothes to dry during the rainy season, this means limited hanging space for the next laundry batches. Prioritize which clothes to wash first according to the need for them. It would be helpful for family members to consider using particular clothes such as denim pants more than once before throwing into the laundry basket so as not to create an unnecessarily big pile.

2. Invest in a reliable dryer

During the rainy season when outdoor drying of clothes is a guaranteed game of hit and miss, owning a reliable dryer is a definite time saver. Having to dry clothes indoor is extremely difficult if they are dripping wet. Make sure to adjust the heat level on the fabric.

3. Use a fabric conditioner

Drying clothes indoors may result to musty smelling clothes. Using the right fabric conditioner can resolve this concern. Downy Kontra Kulob is my preferred product for this purpose. 

4. Set up a Portable Clothes Dryer

Newly laundered clothes should have a place for hanging even if already passed through through the dryer. They still benefit from some time hanging on a clothes dryer with sufficient space in between. This is best done in an airconditioned room or at least a room with a fan or slightly opened windows, if possible.

5. Iron almost-dry clothes 

To give way to other clothes that need drying, ironing almost dry clothes preferably under a towel expedites the process. Once done, they can be folded and set aside. Besides, ironing slightly damp clothes makes it easier to remove creases.

My Say

The rainy season is a welcome respite especially after a very long summer. It can be very frustrating though for some domestic activities like doing the laundry. That said, nothing is impossible with the right preparation and products.

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