Drive Mosquitoes Away in Style

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The Dengue season is again upon us. Has anyone else noticed how more persistent the mosquitoes have become in clinging to human skin? They're literally everywhere but it's a good thing I've discovered how to drive mosquitoes away in style. 

How, you ask? With the good ol' mosquito coil or katol. Katol is essentially a mosquito-repelling incense that comes in spiral form. While it works to drive away annoying mosquitoes, it should be used in areas where there is sufficient ventilation to avoid health issues. It should not also be left unattended to avoid accidental fires.

Granted that basic safety precautions are observed, the use of mosquito coil to repel mosquitoes is economical and safer to use than most insecticides. One concern in its use is the rather unattractive appearance while being used. It is not something that you would like your guests to see while visiting your home.

Reinventing Katol 

Katol nowadays can be bought in scented form aside from their original formulation. Thanks to more recent stylish innovations, you can actually keep it lighted even in the presence of visitors. The usual metal stand can now be replaced with beautiful holders that look like decorative pieces.

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I bought four pieces of retro-iron mosquito coil holder in gold and the design just perfectly fit our home. My online search led me to other options for katol as well as holders. Smokeless katols seem to be a good choice and so are the beautiful holders shown above. 

My Say

For the longest time, I have been hiding katol while in use. That said, with the recent innovations in formulation and holder style, I don't see any reason to do that anymore. Let's drive away mosquitoes in style. 

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