How to Support Small Business Mompreneurs

3:31 AM

Never has there been a time when small business mommy entrepreneurs (or "mompreneurs") needed a boost than now.

Times have been especially challenging because of the pandemic. Many mothers try to help in family finances through income generating activities that will not take them away from their families. Home food business is one of the preferred options since it generally does not need a large capital to start.

Still, small-time mompreneurs can benefit from corporate initiatives that will empower them to keep their businesses booming. It is very common for many budding entrepreneurs to give up at first, whether it is due to finances, a lack of family support, or physical exhaustion brought about by many responsibilities. 

The ALASKAkaibang Summer Kit provided by Alaska Milk Corporation is just one of the very simple ways of inspiring mothers to continue with their endeavors. Aside from tall-time favorites such as Classic Sweetened Condensed Milk, Classic Evaporated Milk, Condensada, Evaporada, and 2-in-1 Crema-Asada, the kit also contains easy-to-do recipes which mompreneurs can make and sell.

There are also some things that we can do to help mompreneurs succeed:

Buy their Products

Relatives and friends can help small business owners by buying their products. If you really like to help, forget about asking for discount and freebies that may eat up their small capital. After all, they need to get their capital back plus profit if they are to continue. Anything less can mean closing-up shop.

Promote their Products

If you think you've stumbled upon an excellent product, then promote it  by all means. However, if you think that some improvements can still be made, then your business owner relative or friend will benefit from honest feedback. Successful business owners know how to listen.

Alert them of Business Initiatives

Many mompreneurs would be happy to know of available initiatives that can help them develop their businesses. Whether this be for learning skills, access to additional capitalization, or market exposure, these are opportunities to attain business stability.

My Say

I believe that owning even a small home business empowers women to take an active role in providing for the needs of the family. Making difficult decisions in choosing between work and family can be avoided. That said, mompreneurs need the support of family members if they are to make a real go of their business.

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