A New Beginning for Ambos Mundos Restaurant

7:25 AM

Surreal...that was how it felt when I received a call from my lawyer that the registration of the trade name Ambos Mundos Restaurant is finally back under my name. The many years of disappointments left me unprepared to hear news favorable to my cause. More than twenty-two years after I filed a case to get back what has been wrongfully denied us, which is the very use of a trade/business name established and built by my family, it is back. The worse may be over but the real work of rebuilding is just beginning. 

The food business landscape is way different now from what it was twenty-two years ago. The Covid-19 pandemic has been brutal specifically to restaurants. With the steep decline in the number of dining customers, restaurants had to reinvent themselves to keep going. Take-out did not exactly fill the gap forced wide open by the behavioral shift of customers.

Food Delivery as a Way for Restaurants to Adapt 

With majority of the customers now choosing to stay or work at home, restaurants had to find a way to bring the food to them. Food Delivery is now a major factor in the restaurant survival equation. All too suddenly it seems, the question is no longer how cozy the ambiance or how popular the name is. From the unlimited food choices offered online, the customer's main question is "Do you deliver?"

Ambos Mundos Restaurant PH for Ambos Mundos Restaurant Food Delivery

As Ambos Mundos Restaurant rebuilds itself in the midst of the pandemic, a physical store may have to wait a little longer. Food Delivery via Ambos Mundos PH is here from now up to that time when the physical doors of the restaurant again open to welcome customers. For all we know, food delivery will remain necessary even after the pandemic.

My Say

We invite everyone to call us at 09683034729 for your orders. You can also order online via Ambos Mundos Restaurant PH. Rest assured that we are working hard to complete our menu list as soon as possible. This goes as well in our efforts to widen the scope of areas where we can deliver. We hope to serve you soon.

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