Coping With Everyday Stresses In Life

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Coping with everyday stresses in life is easier said than done but it can be achieved. 

If I had my way, I would probably be writing for pleasure the most part of the day. Writing because I need to is rather stressful because of the deadlines involved, Life, as I learned, does not follow a rigid schedule according to what we want. Apart from what we want, we have responsibilities, duties, and obligations to others.

Isn't it true that no matter how much we plan for a day, a week, a month, or even a year, there is always something unexpected that will crop up along the way?  These unexpected things usually result to unfinished work and non-performance of certain duties we may have for our family and other people.  The more these unfinished tasks pile up, the more stressed-out we become.

It is always a good thing to have a schedule of things to do but we should wise-up to the fact that not everything will always go as planned.  Rather than stressing-out ourselves to the limits of physical and mental exhaustion, we should learn to give allowances to some "interruptions" that will come, no matter how hard we try to avoid them.  Sometimes as we travel through life, we are like horses who have a single front view, with both side views blocked, in our earnest intent to achieve our goals.  If such a strategy works for a single horse race, it might not be advisable for us humans who race through life with other concerns besides winning.

People have different ways of coping with stress.  There are vacations, personal wellness activities such as yoga and massages, hobbies, or simply resting.  These are all good and we are all encouraged to find that thing or things that can help us cope with stress since it is a given in everyday life.  The practice of our personal faith is another way of not only coping but going beyond and above our trials and difficulties.  

My Say

No one is immune from stress.  Even our children who are supposed to be enjoying life to the fullest seem to be especially stressed with the demands of studying and growing up.  Life, it appears has become so complicated that our children are being forced to grow up sooner than they should.  Adults should lead the way in showing them how it is done.  

That said, let us relieve ourselves of the unnecessary stresses so that we will have enough strength to tackle the necessary ones.

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  1. everyone feels stress, both adults and even children. Some adults don't think the young ones feel it but they do. They just don't know the word for it so they just cry. :)

  2. I feel stressed out and get serious too but I don't know why many see as a non serious moment woman haha.. Maybe I just know how to carry and look at the problem or situtation that is stressful.:D Secret...I shrugged my shoulders haha


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