In Full Circle

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You will know that your relationship with your child has gone full circle when you and your grown-up child are finally on the same side again. Parent-child relationships usually start right and then get lost somewhere in between.  The cycle is completed when both find each other again.

My relationship with my eldest daughter starting from her teenage years up to the very early part of her marriage can be described as tempestuous.  It was strongly characterized by differences in opinions.  It was a turbulent ride of emotions and for a while I thought I lost her.

Our relationship became much better when she had children of her own who were of the same age as her younger brother and sister.  I am not exactly sure why but I am guessing it comes from wisdom which we have both gained in time and experience.  After all, she was starting her family while I was like starting again because of the big age difference between her and her two younger siblings.

Today, we talk like best friends exchanging notes about our own children.  No one would have any idea of what we went through when other people see how we are now.  We still disagree at times but we talk about it like mature women that we are. 

My Say

We always learn something especially in the most trying moments.  When we survive them and prevail over them, we become better persons. We can look back and say we have overcome.  That said, indeed my relationship with my eldest daughter has gone full circle!

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  1. It's nice and endearing to know that you and your daughter have become best friends. I guess experience is a great teacher and now that you have similar experiences with your daughter and your interests are now the same so you have found each other as best of friends.

  2. i can so relate! my mom and i used to always fight once upon a time. now we're becoming closer again. :)

  3. wow that's nice to know. During HS I know a lot of my friends who hates their parents simply because their parents are strict and can't understand them. But I know where parents' are coming from. My father used to be the same to me from HS till the start of my career but now that I'm doing good financially he's always happy for me! and we are closer now than before. Parents just want to make sure that we will have a good life which is often misunderstood by their children.

  4. My eldest is 10 years old.. I am bracing myself with what's in store for me when she becomes a teenager 3 years from now..

    I may not fully understand until I experience the "full circle" cycle but I believe and admire you!

    I am keeping my fingers crossed and praying more!

    You're like sisters!!!:))

  5. lucky you already accomplished that in life... i'll have mine in due time... meanwhile, enjoying my kids while they are still young... Yahweh bless.

  6. The secret probably in parent-child relationship is acceptance of the different phases that will be encountered. There are no guaranteed results, just guaranteed love.

  7. How nice the two of you! A mother and daughter talking like best friends is really one of a kind to cherish.

  8. very inspiring! i guess when you get older you mom and you share the same passion. :)

  9. good for you. I didn't have that chance with my mom. We always had fights since I was young. It was only when we left for germany that I've said sorry and she was already bedridden. it was really hard. That's why I've been trying to bond with my kids maybe of fear that it happens to me too.

  10. It's always been a good feeling to be with your family and have a good relationship. On the photo, it looks like you have the same facial features :)

  11. @rachelle: That is why we are always reminded not to waste our time with disagreeing but concentrate more on the things that we can agree on.

  12. I have a sixteen year old daughter
    and she's my eldest just like me in my family.
    I tend to expect so much from her but
    she's totally not the same as I am as a firstborn.
    Maybe, children of today are far different from
    kids of yesterday or should I say... I cannot make
    my child be me because she has her own self.
    I just have to be more open-minded mom and
    understanding of their generation...
    I'm sure she will learn things as I do when I was her age.

  13. Much as we like, we cannot mold our children completely in the way we want but we can guide them to learn to know how to come back when they get lost in their way. God Bless!


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