Weekend Treats for Your Children

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Any parent knows that finding a way to keep their children entertained on weekends can be tricky. Not only that, it can be expensive as well. These are some ideas on how to keep the kids from climbing up the walls and giving them a treat.  What’s more, you can usually find money saving vouchers or deals for most of them, so it won’t cost you the world either. 

Movie Tickets

One of the simplest way to treat your children during weekends is by taking them to see a movie. Thankfully, movie makers have realized that parents usually take their kids to the cinema, so even children’s films usually provide enough entertainment for mom and dad for an hour or two. So grab some snacks and a drink, get comfortable, and let your little ones enjoy the big screen magic that only the cinema provides. Remember to look out for offers on
movie tickets too, to help keep costs down.

Tenpin Bowling

The idea is simple: knock over as many pins as possible. While actually knocking them all down and scoring a strike may be a lot harder, trying is always fun. Most bowling alleys have ways to help smaller people bowl, from light balls with small finger holes, to gutter barriers that allow children to happily roll their ball down the lanes without worrying about scoring 0 every time. Before long your kid will be a kingpin, knocking down everything in their sight (so you might want to remind them about the difference between a bowling lane and your living room when you get home).


While you would never dream of letting your children loose in your car, it’s a whole different story on the
go kart track, where kids can safely race each other at high speeds in an attempt to gain pole position. City Kart, an indoor track in Manila, is one of the best places for go-karting in the country, with the highest safety standards and a track with multiple levels that provides a great day out. There’s no need to leave the kids to have all the fun on this fantastic treat, so why not buckle up yourself and show them how to corner like a pro?

Laser Tag

LazerXtreme, which has locations in Manila’s Market! Market! entertainment complex and Alabang Town Centre provides one of the best laser tag experiences around for the ultimate game of hide and seek. Multiple levels, ramps, and mazes combine with glow in the dark special effects and thrilling music to get your heart racing, while dedicated game marshals are on hand to make sure everyone is kept safe. The laser packs are lightweight, making them ideal for use by children of all ages, but adults could have just as much fun giving this a go.


If you’re feeling particularly adventurous why not have a weekend away camping? Nagsasa Cove is a renowned camping spot, but there are plenty of areas throughout the country that provide excellent places for getting back to nature. From hiking through the countryside and taking in the wildlife, to singing around a campfire, a weekend away camping is a great opportunity to spend some tremendous family time together.

Treats for the Whole Family

Trying to keep your children entertained can sometimes feel like a bit of a chore. However, by treating your children to activities you can take part in as well, the time will surely fly by, and you’ll get to develop a special relationship with your family.

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