Encouraging a Child's Creativity at Home

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Keeping a home in constant order can be quite a challenge when there are young children in it. They are naturally curious to try many new things including drawing on walls and floors or disassembling home items to convert into toys.  Rather than get angry when children act on their creative inclinations, parents should make sure that they are encouraged without being destructive.

Providing  a Work and Display Area

Children must be allowed to act on their artistic instincts without being hampered too much by so many restrictions.  This is only possible if the child is given a specific area where he or she can do wonders freely and safely.  Having a designated place for such activity ensures that art materials and other creative materials will not be all over the house which can provide much stress to the other occupants of the house. 

If the work area has been defined, it is also best to define where the display area will be. Young children are so proud of their accomplishments that they may not realize that sticking their artworks indiscriminately on walls and sensitive surfaces may result to damage.  It is probably a good idea to have clear-books ready to store numerous artworks especially when display space has clearly run out.

Providing Materials

Without materials, children will not be able to translate their ideas into actual projects.  Old and leftover art materials after every school year may be stored in one box to form a child's art supply at home.  New supplies are best reserved for school use since children don't usually have the time to sort old materials in school due to time constraints.  

Other possible materials may include surplus office supplies, old toys, and various free items obtained from different marketing promos such as stickers, colored pens and pencils.  A handful of new art materials can be a parent's fitting gift to a budding artist.  Providing suitable attire such as work aprons and gloves can also add to the enthusiasm of the child.

Providing Moral Support and Appreciation

Not all children will be able to come up with masterpieces with their efforts but this doesn't mean that parents should be less enthusiastic in showing appreciation.  The mere fact that a child tries is more than enough reason for parents to actively show support.  A child usually gets better in time but even if that does not happen, parental support must not wain. By looking into other possibilities which they think their children can be interested in, children are given the chance to develop their potentials.

Produced results may not even last for a day so it is a good idea to take photos of a child's accomplishments just to have a way to vividly remember.  Some may actually be laughable but parents can always appreciate the effort that came with them.  A child interested in arts, crafts, and similar endeavors must be able to test the limits of their creativity in order to learn.

My Say

Parents like me can be frustrated at times with the seemingly never-ending chores in cleaning as  brought about by our children's creative attempts.  This can be resolved by teaching children to clean and keep their things after the activity.  Of course, smaller children will need more supervision and assistance than older ones.

There was a time that I was tempted to keep supplies away from my children's creative reach because of the fear that these materials will be merely wasted.  I caught myself just in time to realize that the cost of these materials is a small price to pay for the further development of my children.  I know they would have liked to participate in summer art workshops if only our budget  allows it and so I should be thankful that they are taking the initiative for creative development within our means.  It is also a lot easier because of their eagerness to make use even of recycled materials.

That said, our children really know how to go about it, they only need us parents to love them and support them in their efforts.  They can soar to unimaginable heights in simply knowing that someone is watching their backs as they move forward in life. Let them be creative and let them live life as children for now.


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  1. It's ice to have the kids involve in creative stuff especially during the summer months as it adds to their skills base.

  2. Your girl is adorable. My daughter love arts too. We support her by providing all the materials she needs, and that is effective in motivating her to pursue what she loves to do.

  3. Its always amazing to see talent in our kids. You will be surprised with things that you will discover that they have. My bf is an artist and it runs in their veins, hopefully our kids would get it from him because I am the total opposite! hehe. And for sure we will encourage our kids and be supportive of their talents.

  4. I have a graphic artist for a husband and our kids got his skills, so much so that they decorate our walls with their doodles. :/ Adds to my things to do so what the heck, I just leave them lol. Kids need our support and appreciation, that's for sure!

  5. providing an avenue for children to discover their interest through creative activities will help them grow a better person ...

  6. My cousin actually has a 6-year old daughter now who was completely spoiled while growing up. If she only knew about these certain kinds of freedoms and limitations, she would have probably helped her child be better without giving her everything that she wanted. I could still remember how she scolded her daughter right after scribbling on their white wall using permanent markers.. :/

  7. lol! since im the only child, i never experience wall drawings from my siblings.. yet when my young cousins lived in our house for a month, I experienced how chaotic it is to have kids in home. but, as I get along with them, when you affirm their artworks, they get closer to you. :)

  8. Keeping a home in constant order can be quite a challenge when there are young children in it.

    Amen to that.

    Also, based on my experience with my own kids, when they start working on art projects, the house becomes quieter, LOL.

  9. we must acknowledge our child's creativity and actions... even if it annoys us sometimes... so as not to affect their self confidence... Yahweh bless.

  10. Your model is so adorable... Her creativity is showing off future inclination. Parents' support and guidance will take this skills to a higher level.

  11. Wow shes very creative, and looks adorable.

  12. recycling materials would also help them to be productive in their own ways.. :) i agree, we should encourage our children in the field they love to do.

  13. My children and I love doing coloring activities together. I also want my children to attend art workshops, especially during the summer. Hopefully, we could do that next year.

  14. I also encourage my child in his creativity at home.. We should provide moral support for every activity. I usually hang his art work in a string so it is cluttered free on the walls.


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