Of Fairy Hobmother and Other Fairies

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Fairies are what childhood make-believes are made of. Mythical and mini human-like creatures with wings and magic dust that can make us fly. They weave their magic and sometimes grant wishes of humans. I thought I will not live to see the day that I will be visited by one. It was a pleasant surprise therefore when the Fairy Hobmother finally came to visit my blog today.

Fairy Hobmother...

Fairy Hobmother is the fairy that has been spreading joy and happiness in the blogosphere for several years. He visits blogs and leaves a $50 Amazon voucher to every lucky blogger chosen and who commented on other blogs he has previously visited. This is his way of inviting people to visit www.appliancesonline.co.uk to see what other magic they can find in this site.

He simply loves to give, give, and give. You can get the chance to have your blog visited by the Fairy Hobmother by commenting on this post.  Let's just say he likes to see bloggers happy and uses his magical powers to do that.

...and Other Fairies

While I was writing this, my youngest daughter saw Fairy Hobmother's image and asked me in what story he appeared so she can read it. She is quite familiar with the fairies associated with childhood like the Tooth Fairy, Tinkerbell from Peter Pan, Blue Fairy from Pinocchio, Fairy Godmother, and even the fashionable fairies of the animated series Winx Club. I explained to her though that Fairy Hobmother was a special fairy of bloggers like her mom and that he would be seen fluttering around blogs spreading his magical dust all over.

And then she asks if her personal artwork blog will be visited as well, I said he might in the future. However, I reminded her to make sure to take care of her blog by updating it every once in a while. She smiled as she remembered it has actually been a while since she did that. Like any other child, she likes to imitate grown-up activities and blogging just seem to be one of them, at least in our household. Whether blogging becomes a serious endeavor for her in the future or not, I leave it to her. For now, she can continue with her make believe adventures with fairies.

My Say

Make-believe or pretend play is very healthy for children's intellectual development. It allows them to explore possibilities which seem impossible in the real world. Adults can also use imaginative play in teaching their children adopt positive values and practices.

That said, even in a make-believe persona, Fairy Hobmother gives real benefits and opportunities to bloggers. Many blogs have already been visited and maybe your chance will come soon. Grab that chance and comment below.

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