Saving the Environment One Dappy Diaper at a Time

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I am way past the diaper days of my children, my youngest being 8 years old.  This doesn't stop me however from appreciating a good product when I see one. Today I was introduced to Bamboo Dappy diapers, a must-have for environment-loving mothers, through a sponsored event aptly called "Tea Talks".

A Relaxing Event

Much like a relaxing afternoon tea made popular by the English, the event proceeded smoothly without much fanfare but definitely filled with genuine enthusiasm of the women-organizers for a cause which they sincerely believe in. Saving the environment was the main topic and doing this through the use of environment-friendly products is one way where mothers can truly make a difference.

The event featured a short talk from the representative of WWF-Philippines. WWF is one of the world's largest conservation organizations which has been in existence since 1961. Another worthy presence in the event is that of Holy Carabao Holistic Farms which introduced 100% farm-fresh goods to the attendees. Their individual yet interconnected causes are both worth separate write-ups which I hope I can do some time in the near future. 

And then there were the Bamboo Dappy products...

The Dappy Story

In the words of mommy Jenny Chua, who is the proud owner of Bamboo Dappy, the Dappy brand came to be because of a personal search for the best alternative to disposable diapers. It is no secret that disposable diapers are just one of the products that continue to present environmental issues. Do you know that it would take 250 years for most disposable diapers to completely decompose?

What is particularly interesting about Dappy diapers is its use of the bamboo fabric. Aside from being earth friendly, the bamboo fabric makes it possible to produce diapers that are softer and more absorbent while offering better ventilation to baby's skin. Dappy diapers are also hypoallergenic and antibacterial.

The Rationale of Using Dappy

Given the convenience of using disposable diapers and the expected resistance of some mothers to having additional work in washing cloth diapers, everyone still should be doing his or her part in making this world a better place to live in.  The use of cloth diapers such as Dappy is just one small but doable effort which mothers can accept as part of parental responsibility.  Taking responsibility  always connotes concern beyond the present generation.

Achieving something as big as saving the environment starts with small, individual commitments. Unless we start with what can be done on a personal basis, achieving what is actually global in scope can prove to be impossible. Dappy is just one of the products that dare to make a positive change.

My Say

During the diaper phase of my own children. I have always practiced using the traditional "lampin" alternately with disposable diapers. Although using the latter presents its advantages especially when we go out, I saw the need to provide my children relief from the discomfort of continuous use of disposable diapers. The good old "lampin" provided that relief when we were at home.

That said,Dappy diaper is certainly a modernized and more convenient version of the "lampin". Instead of the pins and clips on the side, there are the velcro tapes. Instead of the all-white "lampin", there are the various colors and designs to choose from. Young mothers of today really have more choices while babies get to benefit from the advantages. It wouldn't be so bad to consider helping save the environment one Dappy diaper at a time

In case you're wondering about what was written on the boards hanging on our necks, they are actually written personal commitments to preserving our environment.

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