Love for Work in the Eyes of a Jolly Party Host and a Funny Elevator Girl

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Love for work is something which people do not think and talk about as much as how much is earned from work. Given the very difficult economic times prevailing today and the financial obligations people have to meet each and every day, this reality is not difficult to understand. However, there are people who still manage to perform their work with so much love and gusto that people they meet cannot help but see the difference.

The Jolly Party Host

I first saw Zea during a chance encounter during the day that Jollibee Paseo de Sta. Rosa was giving away 100 pieces of free Amazing Aloha sandwiches to the public to signal its comeback. She was the one announcing to all passing by to line up to get their free sandwich. Even then, she looked so happy with what she was doing. Her positivity was so contagious, I couldn't help but feel good myself.

The next encounter was last week when my family was invited to attend a birthday party to be held at the same Jollibee branch. There, Zea was the party host. This time I had a longer chance to observe how she performs her work . That party proved to be one of the most enjoyable ones I have attended with my kids primarily because of the way the party was guided by the host.

Zea was true to form as a Jollibee party host. She danced, conducted games, exchanged jokes with the guests, and happily "brought the house down". I have to say though that the family and guests of the celebrant did their part by gamely participating in all activities.

The Funny Elevator Girl

This video went viral several days ago. It showed an SM Olongapo Elevator Lady by the name of Cheridel Alejandrino going about her work with her sense of humor and dedication at high gear. By golly, she was like a live advertisement as she recited all the outlets that can be found in every floor. 
She has been dubbed as the "Funny Elevator Girl" in YouTube. She is funny alright but the nice thing about it is that we are all laughing with her and not at her. Even the way she said 'Nasa YouTube na me!" was so endearing. There was nary a trace of boastfulness in this latest YouTube sensation.

My Say

As I am writing this, I was wondering why Zea had such an effect on me and why Cheridel became famous overnight simply for doing their jobs. It dawned at me that most of us go to work looking and behaving as if the world owes us for going to work. We gripe with our low pay, we abhor the nature of our jobs, we envy those who occupy higher positions and get better pay. These we do while doing nothing to be good at our own jobs. I also have a nagging feeling that working people like Zea and Cheridel have become a rarity nowadays.

That said, I know that many people are caught up in jobs that make them unhappy because they feel they have no other choice. We all know there is no easy way to get what we really want. Sometimes, the way can be extremely difficult. One of the most important things that working people should not forget is that each and every position we occupy is important. Our performance in each and every one of them will affect the appreciation of other people of our capabilities. 
We should try as much as we can to do our work cheerfully. We do this without losing sight of all our ambitions to get better jobs and better pay. Let us all love our work and see how well people will respond to us in turn.

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