Rainy Day Tips for Kids

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Rainy days are here again. This season always brings its own challenges in terms of child care. Awareness of risks and creativity in maximizing the benefits it provides can make the rainy season as much fun as summer for the kids.


Rain is not always a reason to sulk at home when children are prevented from going out to play. Parents can think of safe and creative ways children can enjoy themselves even while staying indoors. Some outdoor fun in the rain can also be obtained with proper supervision.

Arts and Crafts

This is the perfect time to bring out those art and craft materials for children to brush up on their artistic skills. Hand painting and converting left-over art materials and recyclable materials into unique masterpieces are just some of the activities that can occupy children's attention for hours. They are also a captured audience because of the limitation in not being able to go out.

Indoor Camping

Bring out that tent that has long been languishing in storage and put it to good use on a rainy day. Pitch the tent and allow kids to have a semblance of outdoor fun indoors inside the home. Of course, activities have to be modified a little by using other forms of light than open fire. Family members can take turns telling stories with only the flashlights on. If is still too bright for that, then some singing and eating camping snacks will do the trick.

Bake Children's Goodies

Parents can appoint their children as kitchen helpers as they bake children's goodies that will surely fill them with excitement. Children tend to eat food which they helped to make. They should however only be given the non-risky tasks like mixing by hand, measuring ingredients, and decorating. There can be no better homey smell than that which comes from a kitchen busy with cooking and baking on a rainy day.

Movie Marathon

What can be more comfortable than watching family movies with family members on a rainy day? Curled up in sofas and a matted floor while eating popcorn and other comfort foods is pure domestic bliss. Just make sure to choose movies that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Puddle Play

A child's life will not be complete without some enjoyment under the rain. This is somewhat of a gray area depending on parenting style. There are parents that believe playing under the rain will cause the child to be sick. This is of course a possibility like in any other things children get exposed to. Maybe a compromise may be reached by allowing some amount of puddle play. However, stagnant water should definitely be avoided since disease-causing mosquitoes tend to thrive there.

Preventive Care

The rainy season require parents to take extra care of their children because of the possible risks. Keeping children healthy and well during this season is very important so as not to make them susceptible to diseases brought by the season. Prevention is much better than cure.

Maintain Clean Surroundings

Clean surroundings discourage the growth of bacteria and viruses in the home. Clean but stagnant water should also be removed. If water has to be kept, it should always have covers so as not to encourage mosquito breeding.

Provide Children with Proper Rain Gear

Proper rain gear offers protection to the child. It can prevent unnecessary exposure to the elements. Each gear such as raincoat, boots, and umbrella is designed to offer specific protection.

Proper Nutrition and Body Care

Proper nutrition helps keep the body strong against infections and other diseases. This is the primary protection of every person whether child or adult. Clean drinking water is a must and so is water used for washing things around the house as well as in bathing.

My Say

We are only young once. It is such a pity to be deprived of the simple joys of playing under the sun or the rain. To miss this is to miss one half or our lives.

That said, modern times have produced health risks that may not have been present in earlier times thus the hesitance of many parents to give their children the opportunity of enjoying the outdoors. For times that will not allow outdoor play, enjoyable indoor activities are always possible. Sunny and rainy seasons can both be enjoyed while staying safe.

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