A Day In My Children's Student Life

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I've been wondering for quite some now just how exactly my children spend their days in school. I found some answers during the School Open House last week. For two days, I got the chance to observe a day each of my two young children's respective student life.

Classroom Set-up

Inside the classroom, I found them sitting in their usual seats which I observed where both at the back. This was quite expected really as they are both tall for their respective ages. The seating set-up for elementary students provide them with a seatmate while the high school students are occupying seats which are clearly apart from each other. They occupy the same seats for the whole week.

Academic Learning

As expected, more time is allotted to academic learning more than any other activity inside the classroom. I have observed their teachers using various technological gadgets as teaching aids in addition to traditional books. Each teacher brings his/her own USB which contains the lessons for the day.

Eating Breaks

Students have two eating breaks, recess and lunch. Students from grade 3 below eat inside the classroom while students in higher levels eat at the assigned school canteens. Recess is for thirty minutes while lunch is for 50 minutes. My children tell me that they usually have to eat fast because they need to use some time for practice in group presentations.

Hearing Mass

Students hear mass once a week with each department having their respective schedules. The priest usually provides a short talk to the students after the mass in relation to character building. The venue is the school gym as the chapel is used for religious activities of smaller groups.

Talent-Enhancing Activity

My children's school has one particular component in the grading system called the Performance-Based Test or PBT. As the term suggests, students will be asked to perform using an assigned lesson as topic and the assigned method of performing. The photo above shows my son performing as one of the "street fighters" about their lesson on person-to-person conflict. The day before that, he performed as "James Bond" in their book character assignment. Last month, they were even asked to rap a mathematical equation.

Physical Activity

P.E. class happens once a week. I hear P.E. is the new favorite subject especially because of the trampoline activity and the free play afterwards. My daughter's class obviously enjoyed their class even when they were all sweating with the effort. Now I understand why an extra t-shirt is an absolute necessity.

My Say

The two days I spent in school observing my children's activities made me appreciate more just how extraordinarily challenging it is to be a student at this time. During my time, presentations in schools are rare and I remember "dying" a little each time because of extreme embarrassment and to think they are doing it almost weekly. Aside from this and the use of technology, a student's life has remained basically the same from my time. 

That said, I resolve more than ever to support my children's studies because I know I will be missing this when they are all grown up and living their adult lives. My husband and I will be here for them, even at the background,  so they will not be too embarrassed in front of their friends for having stage parents. (LOL)  I thank their school for this chance of seeing a day each in my children's student life.

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