12 Ways to Use a Custom Address Stamp

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Personalized seals were once considered a luxury item which only the wealthy could afford to utilize on their correspondence.  Customized self-inking stamps are a touch of luxury that everyone can afford to add to their life and personalized stamps have a multitude of everyday uses.  Here are twelve:

1.  Personalized stamps are perfect for use on wedding invitations and wedding related thank-you notes.  Bridal and couple focused designs can be used to create a distinguished monogrammed look with any wedding rubber stamp.  Personalized stamps are a thoughtful gift for newlyweds, bridal showers or anniversaries as well.

2.  Custom stamps make filing tax forms and other legal paperwork easy.  Use a stamp to enter important information, like home address, quickly and easily.

3.  Stamp change holder rolls prior to filling them to mark them with your information before dropping them off at the bank.  You will no longer need to attempt to write on the rounded surface.

4.  Create a personalized stamp for your book club and stamp the inside of your books.  This will ensure your books will find their way back to you when loaned to others, and will assist you in keeping track of which books in your library have been the center of discussion.

5.  Keep a personalized stamp in your purse with your phone number and email listed.  This will make it easy to sign up for mailing lists or coupons when shopping from your favorite stores. The “Keyboard” stamp is an easy option to add your information directly to sign-up sheets or consent forms.

6.  Design a stamp with your children’s name and address and give them their own stationery. Encourage them to use it for thank you notes for birthdays and other holiday.  Children will enjoy the grown-up feel and will be excited to thank relatives and friends.

7.  Use personalized stamps to mark your children’s notebooks and texts from school so if they are misplaced they can be returned without losing important homework.

8.  Customized stamps can be used to mark brown-bag lunches to keep children from mixing theirs up.

9.  Use stamps to mark important dates on the calendar.  This is a great option for remembering anniversaries, birthdays, or even doctor’s appointments.  Or even design a stamp for each family member to always know who has special events on each date.

10.  Create personalized stamps with family names for special occasion nameplates at restaurants or banquet facilities.  You will never need to track down your family members again and they will always know which table to head to.

11.  Custom stamps are an ideal option for PTOs and non-profits to mark large volumes of fundraiser items.  Band boosters and sports teams can easily label items and this will increase support, thanks to the increased visibility.

12.  Use stamps to leave friendly notes for friends and family. Several options offer cute ways to leave a catchy saying, heartfelt greeting, or gratitude note that will bring smiles to any day when tucked in a pocket or snuck into a lunch-pack. 

Whatever you use your stamps for, they are sure to lighten your load and brighten your day. Customized stamps make great gifts for adults and children alike.  Stamps can be used for a variety of uses around the home that will save you significant time and money.

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