5 Ways to Modernise Your Aging Home

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Whether your home is ten years old, twenty years old, or one hundred years old, modernising it can be quite a feat. Some people simply update a few things, such as splash on a coat of paint, or replace the lights. Others choose to modernise the structure of the house, completing a full home renovation. Super Amart Australia understands the importance of remodelling your home to keep up with the latest trends, and have created a list of five ways to modernise your aging home.

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Assess The Changes Needed To Be Made

Before you make any significant changes, analyse exactly what needs to be updated. There might be many features that simply need a lick of paint instead of being replaced. Check the condition of your walls, and simply paint over old patchwork in a colour that doesn’t draw attention to it. Your home may not need many changes to become ‘modernised’.

Add A Few Modern Details To Update Your Home

The best way to get ideas to modernise your home is to look through a couple of home magazines, or visit a few websites, and look for fresh designs in homes similar to your own. By adding a new light frame, new carpet, exchanging the linoleum for tiles, and painting your walls a crisp cream colour, your home can easily be transformed into a modern masterpiece.

Change Your Lighting

Many older homes have lighting fixtures that look like they sprang from the 70’s, and simply removing them can completely change a room. As your home is remodelled and modernized, it is important to consider removing lights and using natural lighting such as skylights and solar tubes instead. These types of lights can open up a boxy room, and make the house seem larger than it actually is.

Redecorate Your Walls

Most older homes have ghastly wallpaper, outdated linoleum floors, dusty brick walls, and bright orange kitchen countertops. These styles are chosen during their peak of popularity, and will often look outmoded when styles and colours change. Because of this, you may need to replace your carpet and wallpaper to keep up with the current styles, or get rid of the wallpaper altogether. Replace your red hues with neutral colours that will stay in style over time, and consider refacing your kitchen.

Replace Your Floors

Worn-out flooring and discoloured carpets can instantly add ten years onto your home. To refresh the vibrancy of your floors, consider replacing your ageing carpets with laminate flooring in the living room, kitchen, and hallway. Replace your old bathroom tiles with vinyl flooring, and give your bathtub and sink a good scrub so they look like new.

Before you begin to redecorate your house, you will need to assess which areas need to be modernised. Check the condition of your furniture, kitchen, floors, and walls. You may need to apply a fresh coat of paint, or replace your floors but it will all be worth it in the end. With these tips, I hope you have a better understanding of what it will take to modernise your home.

About the author:

This was written by Prash Bennett, a frequent writer about home improvement from Australia

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