How to Have Safe Drinking Water at Less Cost

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The UN has declared several years ago that "access to safe and clean drinking water and sanitation is a human right essential to the full enjoyment of life". This declaration brings to light the fact that safe drinking water can be a scarce resource in some countries. Judging from the constant presence of the all-familiar blue water containers found in many Filipino households as well as the high sales of bottled water, the Philippines can be said to be one of those countries.

On the other hand, I am one of those mothers who are increasingly getting bothered by the dent being created by the need for safe drinking water on the household budget. There must be a better way to do this without sacrificing the health of my family. It is a good thing that I found Pureit Water Purifier but that is getting ahead of my story.

The Usual Scenario

For many years now since it was determined that the water coming out from faucets in many areas in the Philippines is not safe enough to drink, households were left with at least three choices. First is to buy bottled water from groceries or supermarkets. Second is to buy from water refilling stations. The third option is to use a water filtering gadget to filter the sediments.

However, each option presented its own challenges. Bottled water is fairly expensive for daily use. Water refilling stations are not created equal as not all are able to maintain the required standards for cleanliness and safety. Water filtering gadgets are not able to provide protection from viruses and bacteria.

Our Chosen Option

We have opted for the second option in our household. We have two blue containers and one clear container that is typically used in water dispensers. Several times in a week, we go to the nearest water refilling station and have them refilled at  PHP 40 per container. That was the lowest price we can find among the more decent-looking water stations in our area. 

The accumulated weekly cost was really getting burdensome. This is not to mention the occasional aggravation of finding out that we are out of drinking water when all water stations have closed for the day. We are personally not inclined for water delivery since we don't want to be using water containers other than ours. Thus, it was really quite an effort to drive to the water refilling station or very costly if we would opt to pay a tricycle driver to do the task. Tricycle fare is unbelievably high in our area.

Looking for a Better Option

It is certainly a good thing that I got to know of the Pureit Water Purifier from my sister-in-law, Levy. Reading through some materials she had about Pureit convinced me to try it. Of course, it helped a lot to know that the product is backed up by Unilever, one of the most reliable companies in the country.

I like it that Pureit does not use electricity. I like it that it is able to remove viruses, bacteria, and parasites. But most of all, I like the fact that my family is assured access to safe drinking water any time of the day as long as we take care to have Pureit stocked with water. It is the next best thing to the convenience of getting water straight from the faucet.

My Say

And so that is how my family got to have access to safe drinking water at less cost. There may be an initial investment of about PHP 5,000 but actual savings will manifest itself in a matter of months. There will also be a need to change the Germkill Kit which is responsible for ensuring safe drinking water, after some time but the overall cost is still much lower compared to buying water.

That said, Good health is really essential to living a quality life. With life already challenging as it is, I wouldn't want to be constantly worrying if the water we are drinking is safe or not. I've got better things to do with my family but we can only do them if such basic things as safe drinking water is taken cared of.

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