Teaching Children to Take Care of Long Hair

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My nine-year old daughter has tail-bone length hair and refuses to have it cut. Every summer, I try to convince her to have it trimmed pointing to the extreme heat during the season, but to no avail. Not that I don't want her to achieve her idea of "long,flowing hair" but I am more concerned about it getting tangled somewhere and putting her in some kind or risk. I knew I have to teach her how to take care of her hair since that is a responsibility that comes with deciding to keep her hair growing longer and longer...

So here are some points we have touched on so far:

Keeping Hair Clean

I told my daughter that she has to give time to wash her hair properly. It needs to be shampooed and conditioned and washed thoroughly to remove all residue. I have noticed that she tends to rush it especially when her playmates are already calling her. The only solution here is for her to take a bath earlier so she will have enough time to wash her hair properly and comb it afterwards. I didn't have to tell her what to do with her hair when she is doing her toilet business. She automatically puts her hair on one side and keeps it there until she's done.

Keeping Hair Lice-Free

Lice infestation became a real challenge to us last year. Her hair got damaged by the repeated treatments of over the counter lice shampoos. Although having short hair does not guarantee a 100% lice-free hair, it does make hair management a lot easier. I asked her to observe the preventive measures I taught her like not sharing combs with her schoolmates more seriously. I explained to her that we might end up cutting her hair whether she likes it or not if this problem persists. Fortunately, she heeded my advice.

Keeping Hair Tied for Certain Activities

Long hair can get in the way of children's play and certain other activities. To lessen the risk of having hair tangled with some object while playing, we have agreed that her hair must be tied securely. Upon my advice, she always has at least one hair-tie in her pocket, just in case it would be needed. My daughter usually has her hair down with some clips to keep it off her face during schooldays. For the PE day however, her hair is tied pony-style or in pigtails.

My Say

I really don't know what particular reason my daughter has in sporting very long hair. I can only guess that it makes her feel like a princess as most young girls tend to think. She also has her own notion that long hair makes girls more feminine. If you know my daughter, you'd know that she is for everything "girly".

That said, I decided to make this hair issue an opportunity to teach my daughter about responsibility. If she wants it that way, she must do what is needed to maintain it right. 

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