Jollibee MaAga ang Pasko Marks its 20th year

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It started with a simple dream to make children happy by giving toys at least once a year. That dreamer was Aga Muhlach who just happened to be starting what would be his long-time collaboration with Jollibee Foods Corporation. Thus, 20 years ago, Jollibee MaAga ang Pasko was born.

Jollibee MaAga ang Pasko is a toy and book donation campaign. During the first year, Aga decided to celebrate his birthday via a live show of his sitcom wherein toys will be accepted as entrance tickets. The purpose was to get toy donations which will be brought to an orphanage and the rest as they say is history as Aga and Jollibee partnered and worked together to make this yearly event something to look forward to.

Jollibee MaAga ang Pasko - Beyond the Christmas Season

Although Jollibee MaAga ang Pasko will always be associated with the Christmas season, Aga points out that it is not time or season-limited at all. Maaga ang Pasko is often interpreted in the local parlance as good fortune that came early. This project operates the same way thus the presence of Jollibee MaAga ang Pasko in efforts to give joy  to those affected by natural calamities for example.

What to Expect for the 20th Year of Jollibee MaAga ang Pasko

Mr. Harvey Ong, Vice President for Marketing Marketing at Jollibee Foods Corporation shared that the public should expect more from this yearly event as Jollibee continues to make its presence felt in other countries. He also shared that other companies are expected to join and collaborate in this event, taking it to an entirely new level of coverage and reach. This simply means more opportunities to make children happy with the gift of love through toys and books.

Jollibee MaAga ang Pasko Launch in South Luzon

Jollibee MaAga ang Pasko was launched in South Luzon today at Jollibee Canlubang. The people were serenaded by the Lumen Anima Chorale with Pinoy Christmas Carols. One of the highlights of the event of course was the special guest appearance of the original Jolly Toy Scout, Aga Muhlach.

Principle Behind the Campaign

The main reason for this campaign however is not to be forgotten. Aga did the honors of putting in the first donated toys and books in the designated box. He was followed by the Jolly Toy Scouts. After which, the Jolly Toy Scouts went around to collect the donation of the others in the event.

The Invitation

Jollibee will be holding 20 caravans across the country this December wherein they will be distributing toys and books collected from customers and JFC employees to select beneficiaries. Everyone can make this Christmas season the jolliest ever for children by donating new or pre-loved toys and books to Maaga ang Pasko boxes located in all Jollibee stores nationwide.

To make an online donation, visit www, and click on the Maaga ang Pasko microsite.

My Say

It has been said that one proof of a program's effectiveness is the length of time it has existed. With the launching of Jollibee MaAga ang Pasko's 20th year, there is no doubt that this campaign sparked by a sincere desire to give happiness to children will be with us for many, many more years. 

That said, we look forward to being part of this campaign year after year after year...

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