Survival Tips for Working Moms

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Having a career does not exempt mothers from housework, child care, and other domestic concerns. Most working moms juggle career and mom duties but end up sacrificing personal well-being in the process. How can this be prevented?

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1. Time Management

Everyone only has 24 hours within which to be able to work, rest, and do preferred leisure activities. Since no one gets more time than anyone else, time management holds the key to maximizing productivity in a day. Setting priorities is an essential component of successful time management.

Working moms are better off managing their time to do necessary tasks based on their priorities. To include those that are not important will only needlessly clutter what is already a hectic schedule to begin with. Making lists of things to do the day or week before saves a lot of time while minimizing stress caused by forgotten tasks.

2. Get Help

One common option for getting help especially here in the Philippines is hiring household helps. Getting a household help is not actually the only option. Working moms can ask for the help of their spouses, able-bodied children, and friends.

An arrangement can be arrived at to delegate some household work to the spouse. Children can also do their share by doing very simple tasks. Loyal friends can also extend their support like running errands which they will likewise do any way.

3. Accept Unchangeable Realities

Lastly, remember that not even super-moms will be able to do everything. There are bound to be unfinished tasks. Continuously subjecting minds and bodies to stress will eventually take its toll on mental and physical health. There is no shame in seeking assistance through counseling such as those provided by BetterHelp, in the same manner as we seek help for physical tasks from service providers.

Getting sick just makes it more difficult , if not impossible, to do what needs to be done. It would be best to focus on priorities and provide time for others as schedule permits. The key is to do all tasks well to avoid wastage of time in redoing or repeating them. 

My Say

With my recent return to the workforce, I am faced with many challenges in relation to time management and physical endurance. The demands of work as an employee in today's employment scenario are such that keen competitiveness and technical ability are primary requirements. 

That said, I hope not only to survive but prevail over the challenges faced by working moms like me. With my family solidly behind me, I believe I'm halfway there.

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