How I Plan to Declutter My Home Kitchen

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If I had my way, I would have wanted a big kitchen, far bigger than what we have now. A kitchen extension has always been part of the plan but we never really got to it. Something always comes up that needed more attention and the budget would end up going to other home projects. 

Summer is the default projected time for any renovation at home so I have been dreaming of a bigger kitchen for about eight summers know. This summer, I decided to be more realistic after reading an article about decluttering the kitchen. Why pine for a bigger kitchen if it is not yet possible when I can make the most of my existing kitchen by simply decluttering?

Here is how I plan to declutter my home kitchen:


When everything just spills out whenever you open a cabinet or a drawer just like in my case, you know you need to sort out through all of those things to determine whether they should remain in the kitchen or transferred to some other place in or outside the house. Most of us tend to accumulate clutter by reaching out for the nearest cabinet or drawer when we need to keep something.

This can be prevented by taking the extra effort to put everything in its proper place. Sorting through the accumulated clutter is probably the most challenging part as it requires considerable time. However, this step cannot be skipped if we are to attain any semblance or order in any part of the house. The kitchen requires special attention as the more space we have for the essentials , the easier it is to move about and produce the best meals for our family.


Clean is what you want your kitchen to be all the time. Who doesn't? It can be difficult in a sense since so much happens in a kitchen and I have yet to hear of one that cleans by itself.

Thus, I will be cleaning areas in the kitchen as I go through my clutter to ensure that previously unseen accumulated dirt is removed. Cleaning is a daily mantra for kitchens so I will need to do some amount of it as well each and every day. You'll never be sorry for keeping it clean especially health-wise.


Most homemakers will agree that the key to an uncluttered kitchen is proper organization. It is having a place for everything and everything in its place. Clutter does not happen overnight but it can be very difficult to avoid if there is no proper place for everything.

The probability that everything will be dumped in one place is high  with no suitable storage areas. I personally like the feeling of knowing exactly where to look when I need something. To ensure that my stress level goes a notch lower, I am considering adding storage areas that are both beautiful and space-saving.


Maintaining a decluttered kitchen need not be an impossible task. It would need consistency however in sorting, cleaning, and organizing. The key here is not to allow the clutter to pile up.

The moment the clutter reaches an unmanageable level, the harder it is to face and address it. The psychological effect of facing so much work can easily defeat our resolve to declutter our homes. I know, I've been there and it took all my will power just to give my kitchen a hard look and see what I need to do.

My Say

I am happiest when I am at home. That is why it is to my best interest to keep it uncluttered. With my propensity to collect, keep, and preserve memories through things though, that may be a tall order.

That said, I know I need to do this if I were to maximize my home space so decluttering should start now. Now on to the kitchen!

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