What Makes Nanay Embarrassing Yet Endearing

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All of us are bound to have some embarrassing yet endearing moments with our mothers. Since we will be celebrating Mother's Day this Sunday, I'm sure my own mother will not mind at all if I divulge some of ours in this post. Anyway, most of them can be deemed embarrassing on my part. So here goes:

Nanay as the Stage Mother

Like most mothers during her time, Nanay was also a stage mother. This has brought untold embarrassment to my young life. She would always boast to her friends and relatives about my "talent" for dancing and playing the organ. The result is always a mini show featuring myself, much to my chagrin. I had to grow up before I really understood where she was coming from. Now I know the feeling.

Nanay as the Better Dancer

Even if I had the benefit of having formal lessons in dancing when  I was a young girl, even if I was an active member of our school's dance club, and even if I am a lot younger than her, I definitely cannot hold a candle against her dancing prowess. My own friends never fail to make me realize this at every opportunity they get. When she hits the dance floor with her "amigas" with their respective dance instructors, I must admit I have mixed feelings of embarrassment and pride.

Nanay as the Fashion Plate 

When I was still living with Nanay, our favorite activity has always been shopping. She would often chide me for my conservative taste while I was incredulous with her trendy and sometimes outlandish choices. This difference is even evident in my wedding picture below. Note her puff sleeves which is not a common style to wear by the bride's mother. Even now, when my friends see me wearing something more fashion-forward than usual, they easily conclude that it was given by Nanay, which I have to admit is usually the case.

Nanay is hardworking like any other mother. She cleans her house with a frenzy uncommon for her age. She is a doting grandmother as well. I simply see her choices as a sign that she has found her "happy place" and that is good enough for me.

My Say

I think Mother's day is a perfect day to spend some time with Nanay. We always have a good laugh especially when she starts saying that she acts younger than I do. I really don't mind though especially since I never go home empty-handed especially with clothes and shoes. Yes, my dear readers, embarrassing as it may be to admit at my age, my mother still does a lot of giving.

That said, for a change, I would probably invite her to eat at Jollibee since it is offering a Chickenjoy price rollback specially for moms and families. Imagine getting a P18 savings for 1-Piece Chickenjoy with Jolly Spaghetti Solo for only P99 instead of the regular price of P117. The 1-Piece Chickenjoy with Jolly Spaghetti Value Meal is available for P109 from its regular price of P122. This is a clear P13 savings.

So to all Nanays out there, get ready to enjoy big savings on your favorite langhap-sarap pair with Jollibee while we all get a good laugh at what makes our own mothers endearingly embarrassing. I wonder what my own children are thinking of me. I dare not ask. 

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