A Young Man's Way of Serving God

9:12 PM

My son finally accomplished something he was meaning to do for quite some time now. This is to be a duly recognized member of the Knights of the Altar. I believe he sees it as his way of serving God.

My son has always been very conscientious when it comes to matters related to our faith. The remarkable thing is that he actually walks the talk by being a good person even to those who are not very good to him. He always makes himself available for joining outreach programs involving catechism to young children. It did not surprise us at all when he informed us that he decided to join the Knights of the Altar (KOA) group in their school.

The Formal Induction

The formal induction of the new members for KOA happened during the First Friday mass for this month in their school. After going through proper formation with regards to instruction on the Mass, its parts and their meaning, several young men, including my son were welcomed to the organization. They are expected to be mature enough to understand their responsibilities and carry them out with appropriate reverence.

These young men marched in a procession initially wearing only the black alb. Their respective parents assisted them in donning the white surplice at the appointed time. Not long after that, they were all acknowledged official members of the organization.

No one can be happier than my son during that moment. That is why I know he is doing this because he really wants to serve God in his present capacity. As parents, we can only be supportive and thankful that he is choosing the right path for himself.

The Altar Severs' Tasks

It was actually refreshing seeing young men putting attention to their spiritual formation. Today's time does not make it easy for many of them. That is why this is an occasion of great joy. 

Altar servers' duties in performing support tasks for the altar such as fetching mass implements as needed by the priest, carrying the cross, and ringing the bell, among others may be viewed as non-essential by some but their presence and participation is considered integral to the celebration of the mass. They are expected to be seated where it would be possible for them to easily assist the priest celebrant.  While at least one altar server would suffice for a regular mass, the number is increased depending on the occasion. 

My Say

A lot of my friends upon knowing of this latest milestone in my son's life, has been teasing me that I may yet have a priest for a son. I will let my son and God decide that. All I ask is that he is able to accomplish what he wants, whatever path he chooses to take. Given his very keen interest in voice acting, anything goes for now. As my son is wont to say, he can always serve God in whatever field he finds himself in. True!

That said, for now his innate kindness serves him in good stead. 

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  1. you must have been so proud of the accomplishment of your son. You must have guided him well. Congratulations!


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