Benefits of Going to the Theater as a Family

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Going to the theater is probably not an automatic choice for most families when it comes to entertainment. I am referring to live theater where stage plays and musical performances are held like ballet and singing concerts. Our family loves to go to the movie theater like most people do but we have recently discovered the joy of experiencing the arts in live theater performances. As it appears, we are just starting.

Watching these performances were not actually intentional at first. I would be invited every now and then to watch such shows and write about them. The offer would usually be for two so I got the chance to bring any member of the family,  whoever is available or whoever I think the show is more suitable for. Then I found out, we actually enjoy doing it especially if we are complete. Let me share with you the benefits we derived form going to the theater as a family.

Exposure to the Arts

Without a hint of snobbishness running in our middle-class blood, it is with great pleasure that I say that we are steadily developing a deeper interest in the arts. I realized this is very important if I were to give my children a wider choice in developing their preferences. How can I expect them to do that if I do not find a way to expose to them to the varied forms of art available? Exposure encourages them to have the confidence to try if participation in any form of art is something they see for themselves in the near future. They don't even have to make a career out of it. Genuine appreciation can help them arrive at better choices for other aspects in life.

Improve Communication Skills

"Practice makes perfect", we have heard this saying so many times that we tend to ignore it most of the time. Communication skills can be improved by hearing others use a language correctly, practicing it regularly, and by simply being curious enough to look up any word or expression used in a show that needs further understanding. I think the queries I answer from my children after watching a theater show stays on their mind longer or permanently compared to the review we do based on memorization. This is probably because they can instantly connect the answer to something they have seen.

Family Bonding Time

In watching theater shows, everyone is compelled to put attention to what is going on onstage. There is no place for gadgets that are the usual distractions in family time. While eating, we get to talk about the show instead of retreating to our own corners doing our own business. Each member is allowed to express what he/she thinks about it, with no judgment. It's just us judging the shows. We learn, we laugh, and we enjoy as a family.

My Say

As of now, we are very fortunate to be looking forward to shows put up by companies such as Ballet Manila, Repertory Philippines, and Dulaang UP. In between those shows are sprinklings of varied shows that come our way, each with its own merits.

That said, theater is such a fertile ground for family entertainment. You just need to consider age appropriateness specifically for young children to ensure that the family gets to enjoy.

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