Robinsons Supermarket Freshtival 2016

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For the 3rd consecutive year, Robinsons Supermarket is celebrating wellness through its Freshtival 2016. This is all about fresh deals for the whole month of July. This is in line with the retail giant's Route to Wellness Program that seeks to encourage shoppers to go for fresh items towards achieving a healthier lifestyle. 

Weekly Trip to the Supermarket

For our family, going to the supermarket is a weekly task we do during weekends. This is for most of the things we would need from food, toiletries, and other household miscellaneous items. Still, it has become my habit to drop by Robinsons Supermarket  coming from work in search of something special to bring home to my family. 

Freshtival 2016 for the month of July just gave me another reason to do so. With special discounts and freebies waiting for shoppers everyday, I am looking forward to serving my family not only the freshest food but also big time savings for budget-conscious families like ours.

Meaty Mondays

Keep Monday in mind to schedule your favorite meat recipes.

Poultry Galore Tuesdays

Tuesday is the day to go all-out for chicken recipes. 

Fresh Pick Wednesdays

While we can all benefit from fresh fruits and vegetables every day, Wednesday is the special day for fresh pick offers.

Deli Delight Thursdays

Thursday is reserved for special deals for deli delights that always come in handy when it comes to food needs of a busy family.

Fresh Dairy Fridays

Pack on those special cheese and other dairy offerings in preparation for weekend.

Oven Fresh Saturdays

Baked delights take center-stage on Saturdays.

Seafood Sunday Specials

For a slow and relaxed Sunday with the family, nothing beats seafood viands.

My Say

Going to the supermarket is actually a fun activity. What makes it stressful for most homemakers is the task of trying to buy what's best for the family given a limited budget. Discounted price usually means sacrificing quality and this is something that is not acceptable to moms and dads. Events like the Freshtival 2016 of Robinsons Supermarket are always welcome since it provides offers not usually available throughout the year.

That said, I encourage everyone to check out the offered deals for better value for your money.

For more information about Robinsons Supermarket Freshtival 2016 celebration and Robinsons Supermarket’s Route to Wellness program, visit and like Robinsons Supermarket Facebook Page: or visit the official website of Robinsons Supermarket:

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