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There are some things in life that we have to forego for now because of priorities. That doesn't mean however that they are gone forever. They just go to our personal wish list, waiting to be fulfilled at the opportune time. I just got to thinking about them when I read about ShopBack's Win a Wish Blogging Contest


ShopBack is an online shopping portal that rewards its customers by shopping with savings. It recently launched a blog contest that seeks to find out about people's deepest wishes they don't normally tell even their good friends about. What better way to divulge those secrets than getting the chance to win your very wish simply by writing about it.

My Family's Wish List 

My family is happiest when we are together. Oh yes, I can still confidently say that even of I have one married daughter, a teenage son, and a tween (in between child and teenager) daughter. They may have their own interests in mind but would never pass up on the chance for us to be together. A peek into our innermost wishes would reveal this much.

1. An Overnight Stay in a Luxury Hotel

Luxurious rest is something that our bodies crave for. With the everyday work and stress we all deal with, we would give anything just to have a guilt-free night of relaxation without being bothered that we might be creating a big dent in our budget. What do we intend to do? Just laze around enjoying doing nothing in comfort. 

2. Fashion Shopping Spree

This is probably my youngest daughter's dream more than any of us. What is exciting about the shopping spree she has in mind is her desire to practice her styling abilities on us, the family members. I can just imagine what she can come up with given the wide choice of clothes offered by merchants tied up with ShopBack.

3. Non-Stop Entertainment

What a privilege just to sit back, relax, and watch. Watching movies, concerts, plays, and any kind of wholesome entertainment can be the simplest yet most profound experiences in human life. This is the perfect life especially for my  teenage son who is an entertainment buff all the way. We have to admit though that we all enjoy watching.

4. Delivered Food for a Month

It would definitely be a treat for the man of the house who is also the head of our kitchen if we could have food delivery for a month. Planned, balanced, and delicious meals, served on the right time without sweating it out in preparation. This spells much-needed rest for my husband without him feeling that he is sacrificing our well-being.

5. Something for the Home

My heart lies in our family home. Nothing gets me more excited than a new addition to our home that would help create order and functionality to our living space. I have long been eyeing a metal cabinet like this to store our important documents but haven't gotten around to buying one because there is always something more important to prioritize. This is something that would silence the obsessive-compulsive tendencies in me  for order in the home-front.

My Say

We all have our innermost wishes but most of the time we have to wait to make it happen. Most of the time we have to work and hope but sometimes it takes just one fairy godparent to make it happen. 

All of the above can be had using ShopBack so imagine how much you can save even while shopping. 

That said, look how easy it is to use and save from Shopback. Start shopping now!

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  1. I never heard of shopback before. Thanks to you. And yeah, Traveling, shopping til you drop, and spending a night or two in a luxury hotel, enjoying a non-stop entertainment are all my fancies too.

  2. I have so many wishes and yes, sometimes we work for it but there are times a kind individual can make it happen.

  3. Your wishes are the same as mine. But I would like to stay in a luxury hotel for a couple of weeks. Lol! I hope our wishes come true of even one of those is perfectly fine!

  4. Here's another reminder for me to visit Shopback! haha. I've read so many posts about this website already, and I still have yet to try it out!

  5. This is an awesome opportunity for whoever will win. After all, we all have our wishes that seem to end up in the back burner only to be revisited when it's feasible.

  6. Wow! I have the same set of wishlist, hehe! It's awesome to know all these can be made possible via Shopback. It's going to be worth it!

  7. My wishlist have so many loopholes when I started to decipher without concrete resources. But I think, Shopback is great for online shopping and dealing with your travels. Luckily, you've got it right eith your innermost desire.

  8. wow!!! you are absolutely right, there are things that we want or need yet they were not too prioritize because we look for who needed things first the most and we end up to wait for a quite sometime for us to finally or ever get the chance to have them. This is amazing, no purchase necessary to join and let's hope to be lucky to win.

  9. It's been so long since the last time I shopped! But I'll definitely be giving a try of this shopback as soon as I get the chance to check some items online. :)

  10. Ok, this is super fab! I haven't checked the terms and conditions but is this open internationally? I want to join! I have several wish list hihihihi

  11. Shopback does provide us with the reward of getting something back while shopping. I do hope you get all of your wish granted.


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